James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten months: the James edition...

Oh my sweet baby James.
You're breaking my heart.

You're scooting everywhere and are into everything.
You never. stop. moving.
Destruction is your calling card.
You pull yourself up the stairs as often as I take my eyes off you (which is starting to be less and less).

You don't care much for baby food if there's people food to be had.
You favor bananas, cheese, ice cream, pickles, strawberries, oranges and thumb tacks {see recent post}.
You've figured out how to drink from a sippy cup, which is fun and all, but not as much fun as your favorite game of  "chuck-the-sippy-cup-on-the-ground-less-than-a-second-after-mom-picks-it-back-up-and-then-repeat."
You still shriek if your food isn't reaching your mouth fast enough.
You love raisins, but your father has banned them due to several incidents involving their frightful reemergence from an unmentionable end.

You love to dance -- particularly when I sing a specific tune lovingly referred to as the doot doot doot doot song.
You have four teeth -- the top two finally broke through.
You think it's hilarious to bite my arm with your new razor-sharp tools.

You are 100-percent devoted to your big sister.
No matter how sad, how scared or how upset you may be -- the sight of Lola makes you smile so earnestly that not even the greatest skeptic could doubt your adoration.

I wish and hope and pray and beg that the two of you will remain best friends for life.

 You are quite the chatterbox.
When you're not growling or shrieking, you're calling out to everyone and everything within a mile radius of your person.

Everything you say is accentuated with an exclamation point.

"Pop Pop!"

and our current favorite...

"I did it!"

Yes, my boy, you are a prodigy.

 Your cheeks are my kryptonite and all I want to do is slather them with jam and devour them.
That sentence will likely creep you out to the point of estrangement when you read it as a teenager.
It might even get me arrested.
But it. is. true.

You give very romantic kisses these days -- locking eyes with your target and leaning in slowly for the kill, only to stick your tongue out at the last minute.
I am proud to say I am on the receiving end of those smooches more than anyone else -- something that makes your dad crazy jealous.
Wow, that's enough to mess a kid up for life.

My sweet boy, how did we get so lucky?
You are so patient.
You are so accepting.
You are so kind.

You are so pure and so good and so perfect and I love you so much that it makes me want to cry.

 Your wife is going to hate me, because there's absolutely no way I'm ever giving you up.

Happy ten months to our Jamesy, our Jams, our Jimsie McJimmerson, our munchkin, our buggy, our angel.
You have your parents and your sister wrapped around your finger so tight that we have no hope of ever breaking free.


Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

So sweet! I can't believe he is speaking. The photo of them on their scoots-- Lola is making a total Jessica face. :) Can't wait to see you on Monday!

robocop said...

Ah, happy James. I'm not sure I've ever seen him sad for more than 3 seconds. Love that kid.

I can totally hear your doot song now.