James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nine months: the James edition...

 Oh, this boy of mine.

He never, ever, ever sits still (which is why the armchair photo sessions are now kaput).
When placed on the floor, he immediately scoots, rolls and (almost) crawls to the nearest point of danger (ie. stairs, fireplace, wood floor -- you get the picture).
He puts everything, EVERYTHING in his mouth.
He will (and does) eat anything he can get his chubby little fingers on.

He weighs almost 20 pounds.
He now wears the same size diaper as his two and a half year old sister (4).
 I swear he nearly rivals her in height as well.
He loves being naked.

He's had two ear infections in the last month but kept them a secret from his mama by laughing, smiling and generally exuding happiness throughout the duration.
He loves going to the doctor and laughs throughout the entire examination.
He is crazy ticklish.
He loves to laugh.
He adores his reflection.
He'll smile at anyone.
He's social and friendly and charming and flirts like a maniac.
He LOVES women.

He does not tolerate being left alone in a room.
When he finds himself in such a situation, he buries his head in the floor, flails his arms and legs and lets out a scream so heartbreaking that no one with a soul could bear to turn him down.

 He has two teeth but I suspect several more will pop up any day now.
He can say "mama" and "daddy" and "dadda" and "kitty"
He still loves to nurse but hates being covered and is easily distracted -- thus making the process long and often akin to a peep show when done in public.

He loves the sound of his voice and only stops jabbering when he sleeps.
He considers my hair a delicacy and gnaws on it as often as he gets the chance.
He loves taking baths and kicks and squeals and dives until we are all soaking wet.

He is perfect.
We adore him.
He is our sunshine.

Happy nine months, baby boy!
We love you so much it's insane.


Alysha and Jason said...

You've got me talking baby talk to the freaking computer. OOOO I WUB DIS BEBE!