James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day in the morning...

Christmas morning started bright and early in Bountiful.
I've never seen Lola so chipper at 7 a.m.

I think a certain Princess Belle PEZ dispenser had something to do with it.

 James was quite enthralled with the new binkies Santa (aka Pop Pop and Nana) left in his stocking.
Or at least with the cardboard packaging.

 And Reece will wake up at any hour if it means he can eat Ford's beef jerky.
Santa is always good to him that way.

I'm pretty sure Santa hates me, because there's nothing quite as offensive as jerky breath.

With each tear of the wrapping paper, Lola's joy became more complete.

 James was equally elated, both with his gifts (which went straight into his mouth) and the bows that adorned them.

 We loved spending our Christmas morning with Tony, Cyndi, Kellan and Christen.
We were spoiled silly and are so grateful to our Ivins family for being so generous.

Though it was difficult getting my brood ready and out the door for 9 a.m. church with so many toys waiting to be admired (Reece really, really wanted to bring his new HEXBUG Nano along), I am grateful Christmas fell on a Sunday this year.

It was a wonderful and beautiful way to refocus on what is most important -- our faith, our family and our Savior.

But goodness gracious, Lola has never been so rambunctious in Sacrament meeting.
It's a good thing Christmas comes just once a year.

Back at Nana and Pop Pop's house, Lola put on each of her new princess dresses before crashing hard on the way down to Lindon for Christmas number two.

The Christmas morning hangover is a little person's arch nemesis, especially when there are more presents to open.