James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why, thanks: fourteen...

Today I'm thankful for the following conversation:

Lola: "Mom, James has strawberry eyes."
Me: "Really?  Where did you get that?"
Lola: "Um, YO-ya.  Duh."

Today I'm thankful for the newly-released Hunger Games trailer -- March can't come soon enough!

Today I'm thankful for the Kneaders dessert run that got me out of the house for the one and only time in 24 hours.

I'm thankful for the elliptical and treadmill upstairs that help me feel less guilty about all the treats I've been devouring lately.

Today I'm grateful that Lola insisted Reece wear a "pwetty dress" if he was going to twirl with her, and I'm even more grateful for the solution he came up with...


Eric and Lindsay said...


Jordan, Tabby , and baby Lily said...

Reese makes that blanket look good. Lola is hilarious!

siovhan said...

I desperately miss Kneaders. I wish we had one here in Eugene.

Also, I am seriously attached to your kids. I look forward to reading about them each day and seeing how big they're getting. I can't believe how tall Lola is! I even told her halloween candy memorizing story to Pat because I thought it was so cute.

And regarding the note you left for me, I constantly wish I could write like YOU! I think you word things so poetically, I can hear you saying them in my head.