James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, November 14, 2011

Five months: the James edition...

I am so hopelessly in love with this little person.

At five months, Mr. James never stops moving.
He even moves in his sleep.

He rolls and scoots and wiggles constantly -- thus making it completely impossible for me to leave him unattended on any surface with an edge.
Let's just pretend he hasn't rolled off the couch twice, OK?

I swear the parenting skills get sketchier and sketchier with each child.

At five months, James is still a social butterfly (or rather the masculine equivalent of the butterfly -- the moth?).
He chats and coos and squeals and laughs.
He still saves his biggest smiles and heartiest guffaws for his sister.

In fact, the five-month photo shoot was complicated by the fact that Lola was in the room, adding props and adjusting wardrobe.
Because when Lola is in the room, that's where James' attention goes.

At five months, the boy is quite the fan of baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk.
But he likes whipped cream, ice cream, key lime pie and chocolate frosting even better, thanks to Nana Thaylene...

What can I say?
My tank loves to eat.
Takes after his mama that way.

At five months, James is still the sweetest, happiest, friendliest and most laid-back baby I've ever encountered.
He does, however, make himself heard when the attention level is insufficient.
And believe me, it's hard to ignore his little fake cough or pathetic yell.
And the bottom lip quiver is like an arrow through my heart.
I only hope to someday capture it on camera...

 At five months, I finally feel like I've got this mom-of-two business down.
Well, most days anyway.
We've got a routine, and though it may often involve pajamas and candy, it works for us.

And I absolutely love it.
This thing called motherhood.

Happy five months baby boy!
Thank you for making my life such a good one.


Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

What a sweetie! Don't forget that he also loves fruit snacks courtesy of his generous Auntie Eesha. :)

jaclyn said...

Okay he is too adorable. Like it's almost hard for me to look at these pictures because i just want to smush his little face and maybe bite him? All out of love of course.