James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, October 24, 2011

Terror at the pumpkin patch...

Some of our good friends from the program also happened to be in St. George this weekend, so we met up with them for dinner and a trip to the pumpkin patch.

 Twentyfive Main = delicious.
Go there.
Even if your kid won't eat the food [cough, Lola, cough], they'll likely suck the frosting off the cupcakes [cough, Lola, cough].

Also, James can't fall asleep in his seat unless he's holding on to the handle thing.

We decided to be Halloweeny and headed to Staheli Farms, where things quickly turned ugly when the resident witch cackled at Lola.
I have never seen my girl so terrified.

Try as we might to distract her, she was on pins and needles the entire time, poor thing.
Who thinks it's a good idea to have a freaky witch walking around a pumpkin patch geared toward children?

 We further traumatized our daughter with a ride on the cow train.
Reece and Sam were equally remorseful and had trouble walking after the bumpy and rather claustrophobic journey.

 In an attempt to prevent my kid from having a heart attack, we paid a visit to the ponies, one of whom she named "Pink."
I think I know what her first daughter will be called.

From there it was all corn kernels, duck racing, John Deer driving and wagon riding.

 Just when we thought we had escaped that nasty witch for good, we caught sight of the warty, green skin as we stepped off the wagon ride to the pumpkins.

In a desperate attempt to drown out the cackling (and keep Lola from having a complete panic attack), the four adults giggled (yes, giggled) as loud as we could each time we heard the dreaded sound.
Our kids looked at us like we were nuts and made their best efforts to distance themselves from the crazies.

And so it begins.

Somehow I think trick-or-treating could be a thing of sheer horror for my sweet baby girl.
We may be keeping her home and locking the doors.

 Points of interest:

01. Due to the fact that my daughter refuses to keep her ponytail/piggy tails in for more than a few hours, her mullet takes on the "in flight" look.  I kind of love it.
02. Contrary to the evidence at hand, I really didn't mean to dress my kids in matching stripes.  Again.


Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

I love the photo of Lola and Reece with their heads poking through the holes of the Harley picture. She looks so happy!