James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Asking the right questions...

This comic (sent to me by Reece) captures my relationship with my husband with a perfection that is nothing short of beautiful.
In fact, I'm certain we've actually had this exact conversation before.
Poor Yvonne.

What can I say?
By trade, I'm an information gatherer.
I spent my college years learning to seek out even the most minute details with unwavering dedication.
My entire career has been centered on the who, what, when, where and why.

Reece, not so much.
He's not the greatest at feeding my addiction to information.
Let's just say he would make a horrible spy.

I guess there's only room for one *detail-oriented person in this marriage.
*Calling myself "detail oriented" is much more pleasant than admitting that I'm actually just freakishly nosy


Sarah said...

Love it!!

Lindsey Bell said...

This is hilarious! It is so me and Nick too...