James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, July 25, 2011


Reece surprised me with a whirlwind weekend getaway for our anniversary.
This is why I love him.

We kicked things off with a quick dinner at Zupas because I really, really wanted a California Turkey Panini.
Besides, nothing says romance like those chocolate-covered strawberries.

I'm a sucker for soccer and fireworks, so Reece got us tickets to a Real Salt Lake game that also happened to include a 24th of July fireworks show.

Fancy that.

 James came along as our third wheel because I'm his food source.
Plus, he's super cute.

 The game was fantastic, as was the people watching.
I haven't seen that much silicone since my last trip to Seven Peaks.

But we won 4-0, making it the highest-scoring soccer match I've ever been to.

Then came the fireworks extravaganza.
The fans were allowed out on the field for the show, but we opted to stay in our seats.
James was mesmorized.
So much, in fact, that he puked all over Reece right about the time we discovered we forgot to bring wipes.

 Maybe we'll have a little soccer player of our own in a few years.

We stayed at the Little America in Salt Lake City.
It was weird to have to pay to stay in a place we called home for almost four years, but fun to stay in a ritzy room (that kind of smelled like an old folks home).

I cuddled with my two favorite boys until long after midnight, and then we all crashed.
My how things have changed since the honeymoon.

More to come...


Katie said...

We were at that game too. However, I'm guessing you probably enjoyed it quite a bit more than I did, seeing as it doesn't seem like you were sitting right in the middle of the latino people that insist on yelling and singing and playing drums the whole time. It was a good game though, especially compared to how they've been playing overall this season!

AJ and Cindy said...

I am glad you figured out the wrap, how did you like it? And I love all your pictures, especially of James and the fireworks! So glad you got to have a fun little getaway with your boys. Looks so fun!