James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heaven in the high 70s...

We headed to Tempe for a new student schmoozefest (for lack of a better term).
That W.P. Carey School of Business knows how to woo, let me assure you.
As does the Arizona weather this time of year.
I boarded a plane in a Salt Lake City snowstorm and Ta Da!  
An hour later I stepped off the same plane into sunshine and 76 degrees.

Reece flew out a day before me and was in a class when I arrived, so I spent the morning wandering down Mill Avenue (one of my favorite areas in Tempe).  
Coincidentally, the Tempe Arts Festival invaded Mill and the surrounding streets near campus Saturday and Sunday, which was a dream come true for a street market sucker like me.

 I met up with Reece and the rest of the group around lunchtime.
We dined on gourmet sandwiches, local blood oranges (creepy fruit, but delicious), ice-cold Diet Coke and chocolate cake while listening to a panel of student ambassadors sell us on the awesomeness of ASU.

After lunch, we drove to Scottsdale to check out potential housing options with other potential students.
While cruising in the Old Town, I kid you not, we were cut off by a golf cart.
Arizona is weirdly intriguing.

We had some time to kill after the student ambassador dropped us back at the hotel, so Reece and I hit the festival together, which was much more fun than wandering alone.

 I dragged Reece into MoJo Yogurt, which turned out to be an excellent stop.
Dude, all I need in this life is a frozen yogurt machine in my house.

We found the restaurant where we went on one of our first dates on our first road trip together.

Reece found some man meat, among other delicacies.

 I love hanging out with my husband.
Sometimes I forget just how much.

 That evening we got all gussied up for a formal reception and dinner.
Apparently we are grown ups, and I'm not entirely sure when that happened.

The night was lovely.
So lovely, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures other than this one in the elevator:

And yet, the best part of the day was slipping off my heels, pulling my new Arizona State t-shirt over my head and climbing into bed with my favorite guy.

Yep, pregnancy has definitely made me a cheeseball.


Abby said...

Wow. I would almost be tempted to send my husband back to school if it meant we could live in Tempe, Arizona.


mathistown said...

Looks so gorgeous!! I hope warm weather is mostly here to stay in SLC too..