James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seattle shenanigans: part three...

Let it be known that on our first Lola-free night together in almost a year, Reece was asleep before I could even finish brushing my teeth.

Take me away sailor.

My hopes of sleeping in the next day were dashed by the fact that my mommy clock kicked in at exactly 6 a.m. (or 7 a.m. Utah time, which is exactly when Lola wakes up every morning).

But that's OK, because who wants to sleep when you've got Seattle to explore!

Since I'm even more addicted to caffeine while on vacation, I refused to do anything until we could find something to satisfy my hankering.
Wouldn't you know, Seattle McDonald's have DIET DR. PEPPER on tap???!!!

Yeah, blew my mind.
So much, in fact, that I took a picture to capture my elation.
We might have to move to Washington.

I also had a few coupons for free fruit and maple oatmeal, which has become the third thing on the McDonald's menu that I will order (behind dollar drinks and ice cream cones).
It would be a real vacation without at least one McDonald's breakfast, right?

Then it was back to the Space Needle (thank you, city pass) for us on yet another clear, sunny day.
Take that, weather.com.

That being said, it was windy as sin.
And wind equals COLD.
But good glory, it was beautiful.

 Next stop: the Experience Music Project, where I learned that Reece can play the drums.
Like, for real for real.
How is it possible that we've been together for more than four years and I didn't know he played the drums?
That's why these couple trips are a must, people.

 Cindy and I decided we'd make awesome groupies.
Definitely not the skanky kind.

 Part of the awesomeness of the EMP is the chance you get to play in a band and have the whole performance caught on video.

Our group name?
The La La's of course -- in honor of our little La's (LoLA and LyLA).
Pretty sure the "stage manager" thought we were pretty lame.
You should have seen his face when he asked Cindy if she really named her kid LaLa.

Our concert -- nothing short of epic.

Cindy rocked out on the keyboard.
Reece commanded the drums.
I took lead vocals, tambourine and moraccas.
AJ killed on guitar.

We all laughed until we cried.
The prego nearly peed her pants, which is not uncommon.
Unfortunately we didn't want to pay the $15 for our group poster, so no pics of the show remain.
But we did get a concert ticket to remind us of the glory days.

I'm pretty sure our girls would have been horrified.

 The actual building is pretty rockin'.

 We braved the wind and trekked to the Pacific Science Center, which was basically a glorified day care center and smelled like diapers.
City pass fail -- the one and only.

 We did, however, find a dinosaur.
And a colony of naked mole rats.
So I guess it wasn't a total bust.

The courtyard was the coolest offering.
Giant squirt guns and a hamster wheel.
Need I say more?

 And yes, I did wear my rain boots with a dress.
I was in Seattle, for heaven's sake.

We wandered around the compound for a bit longer and snapped some cool photos of the needle.

But this pregnant lady can't go long without food, so we quickly hunted down Zeek's Pizza, which was nothing short of divine.


AJ and Cindy said...

ahh, I loved this post, and I especially loved the pic of the two love birds staring longingly out the window! :) I did not like some of the pictures of me, but what can ya do! Other than that, I loved thinking about our time in our band. Just think, now we can actually say...."remember that one time we were in a band?"

And thank goodness for Zeeks. That place rocked.

AJ and Cindy said...

This is AJ...It looks like I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing to that guy in the tube at the science center. Looks like he likes it though.

Jessica and Reecey said...

AJ, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying right now.

We did eat at BJ's after all.

Marissa Waddell said...

That looks SO fun. I should have warned you to skip PacSci... so boring. In several trips to the Seattle Center, I still haven't seen the inside of the Music Experience. Looks super fun. And I LOVE the band name :)