James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seattle shenanigans: part five...

We woke up Sunday to another gorgeous, perfect day.
We headed to the Olympic Sculpture Park by the waterfront with the Wheatleys to bask in sunshine and crazy artwork.

 We kept thinking we had cheated the gods by coming to Seattle and experiencing nothing but sunshine.
Especially after hearing reports of blizzards from friends and family back in SLC.

Nothing like a Sunday walk along the water.

 Justin and Reece walked ahead of Camille and I, and we noticed several people exclaiming over the darling couple with the baby.
They are darling, aren't they?

 After a quick stop at Subway (who loves $5 Footlong February as much as I do???) for some lunch, we headed to the very cool Freemont District.

This may have been my favorite area to explore.

Here's why...

01. The gluten-free bakery that produces the most delectable ginger cookie I've ever tasted.  Yes Redd, it was that good.

 02. The vintage record and book stores.

03.  The "Deluxe Junk" consignment store.  Not only did it have a name that made us giggle, it also had some of the coolest shiz we've ever seen.  We nearly walked out with an old typewriter.

 04. The Funhole.

05. The absurdity of the giant Lenin statue.  
That's LenIN, as in Bolshevik Russian Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.  
Not John Lennon of the Beatles fame.

06. The Sunday street market.

 07. The bridge walkway.

 08. The troll sculpture under the bridge.

Pretty awesome, right?
We ended on a high note with a trip to Trader Joe's.
I still don't quite understand my own obsession with this place, but we stocked up on our usual favorites (yellow curry sauce, peanut butter cups, meringues, salad dressing, etc.) and then headed back to Renton to eat dinner at the home of a family AJ met on his mission.

We dined on authentic Filipino food -- the stuff dreams are made of -- and enjoyed lovely company.

At the end of the day, Cindy and I let our feet soak in the hot tub before heading back to my room to watch Kim and Kortney Take New York and Cupcake Wars.
Reece and AJ could be heard through the wall laughing at Japanese game shows -- again.

(The Wheatleys headed to Olympia to spend time with family and we missed them terribly)

Pretty close to a perfect day, if you ask me.


Marissa said...

I spied Abelskeivers (sp?) in one of those pictures! We love things scandinavian. Looks like a fun trip!

Cindy said...

We went to the flying apron and i think the lack of 'real' ingredients like butter and sugar was so shocking we thre most of the items away. Glad you liked it.