James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little love story: part two...

The next morning I woke up with a huge headache.
Three hours of sleep will do that to you.

I decided I'd better be careful with this one.
His friends warned me of his tendency to flirt -- plus he lived in Logan and why in the world would I date someone who went to school three hours away?

A weekend fling is always fun though, so I decided that if it turned into anything, that is what it would be.

We met up for the big game later that night.
I tried to ignore him, but Reece is hard to ignore.
I ended up watching the Cougars slaughter the Aggies while sitting on his lap (I know, more scandal).

Yep, my team won.
Do you think I've ever let him forget it? 

We went back to Tara's apartment where Reece set out to make dinner for everyone -- pizza and pasta.
He can cook?
Italian food?
Big plus.

I offered to help out -- he assigned me the task of stirring the chicken.
Then, a guy I had dated who I was kind of on the verge of dating again called.
I ran upstairs to Tara's room to make up an excuse as to why I couldn't go out that night.

When I came back down to the kitchen, Reece was alone over the stove.
He told me I had failed my chicken-stirring duties and that he would likely never forgive me.
I told him there must be something I could do to make it up to him.

And then he leaned in and kissed me.
For real this time.
No dares, no whipped cream.

Just a sweet little kiss.

And then I looked at him and said, "Did you really just do that?"
He laughed and said, "Yep, I'm pretty sure I did."
And that was that.

Stay tuned for part three...

And if you are bored or on the verge of vomiting, feel free to skip the next few posts.
I'll get back to mush-free posting soon enough.
It is Valentine's week after all.


Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

Oh I love this. You forgot the part when I came into that kitchen before work and stared suspiciously at you two. And how I was at the game and saw you on his lap, you hussy. I'm sure glad you married that kid.

Angie said...

I am loving this! Not bored at all and anxiously awaiting part 3.

Amy said...

:D It's sweet.

And wanna know the best part? My verification word (you know...to prove I'm not a robot) is "sinfl" For real. Sinful! :D

The Acerson Family said...

Really, Jessica, this is very scandalous stuff -- and I can't wait for more! I also can't believe I've never heard any of this before. So glad for all of us that you're finally coming clean! :-) Love you!