James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, January 17, 2011

The prize...

Throughout my pregnancies, I have often turned to TV shows on DVD to get me through the exhaustion, puking and general hugeness that comes along with growing another person inside my body.

I relied on that same method after I gave birth and found myself on the couch nursing about 90 percent of each day.

And so, as I've contemplated the big prize for correctly guessing the gender of our second baby, I had a stroke of genius.

I want to pass my couch potato tendencies on to you.
If you guess right, and I draw your name (or randomly select it or whatever), you win a $30 Best Buy gift card to purchase the television series of your choice.

And who knows?  If you choose wisely (or if there happens to be a sale on your desired DVD set), you might even be able to score TWO shows or seasons!

So get guessing!  You have 11 days left!

I like this game.

As a side note, I thought I'd list my pregnancy/new-mommy must-see TV shows for your viewing pleasure (in no particular order):

01. Gilmore Girls
02. Veronica Mars
03. Arrested Development
04. Pushing Daisies
05. Lie to Me
06. Prison Break
07. Grey's Anatomy (Seasons one and two)
08. Gossip Girl (Season one)
09. 30 Rock
10. Modern Family
11. LOST
12. Felicity

As another side note, I need new shows to become addicted to, seeing as how I have five long months left in this pregnancy.  So please, help a chubby sister out.


Amy said...

How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory

I'm stickin' with the momma. It's a boy!

Megan said...

I second Bones and Big Bang Theory.

Other favorites (all on hulu or netflix streaming)
Being Erica
Cougar Town
News Radio
10 Things I Hate About You
Better Off Ted
October Road

Though I do not vouch for the child-friendliness of any of them.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Oh wow... now I REALLY hope you are having a boy! :) I don't even know if this makes me normal for liking these, but I definitely am a sucker for Desperate Housewives. I enjoy watching the series "Castle." Along with "Iron Chef America." "Law & Order: SVU." "Private Practice." I hear "Lipstick Jungle" is good, but I am not sure what it is even about. It's been so weird now that we don't have cable. We are sure loving, netflix though.

ashley mikell said...

I guess Boy

Big Bang Theory

Mrs. Gibbons said...

Hmm...I don't know if you will appreciate and get as addicted to this show as I did, but "Dexter" is REALLY GOOD! I watched Season 1 & 2 on Netflix. The only catch is that it is a Showtime show; therefore, it contains naughty language and even a few nudey scenes. It is about a forensics blood spatter analyst who is a vigilante serial killer at night. I know it sounds weird and out there, but I was addicted to it. Also, "Curb Your Enthusiasn" is probably the funniest show I have ever seen! The main character is Larry David who was the co-creator of Seinfeld with Jerry. It is about his life, and the character of George is basically based off of him. This show comes from HBO, so there is also some foul language, but it seriously the most hilarious thing I have ever encountered.

The Lancaster's said...

I love good dramas and I am a sucker for teenage drama for some reason so with that said I say House and Friday Night Lights..I got addicted to T.V series on DVD as well when pregnant. Still vote for BOY :)

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

I'm gonna throw in a vote for GIRL! No one has yet, so my chances at winning are currently in my favor.

But I actually think you may have a boy. Not because you already have a girl. It's just what I'm feelin. Either way, I'm still gonna be super stoked for you guys!

May I also send in a nod for Big Bang Theory. And if you're tired of non-reality, the Vanilla Ice Project is DIY reality gold! If you have DVR, they show it all the time on HGTV and DIY network.

Kelli said...

Gonna guess girl

Brittany said...

Hey, I totally stalk your blog. Just thought I'd come out of hiding and say I think you are totally hilarious!

I love almost all of those shows! I thought I'd throw Psych in there, we think it is totally hilarious and addictive and all the seasons are on netflix too. p.s. I say boy :)

Lisa said...

I vote girl.

I second the votes for Psych and Better Off Ted. After all, Psych is set in Santa Barbara.

We have also had a lot of fun with Leverage. Each episode is like a 40 minute Ocean's 11. (And Hustle, if you can find it. It is basically the British version of Leverage, and tends to be a little more believable.)

Katie said...

girl! I think Lola would be a great big sister to her little sister. Plus, it would be fun for them to be so close in age.

robocop said...

You already know I think it's a boy and that you must start watching Mad Men. If you think you like Jon Hamm now just wait until you see him as Don Draper...

I will have Redd get them to you sometime soon, I promise.

-M- said...

Psych and White Collar are great. Royal Pains is okay...yeah I like the USA network shows. My favorite right now is Modern Family though! :)

Kristin said...

I still think it's a boy.

I like Psych and Chuck. I've only seen Castle a couple times, but I like what I've seen so far!

MuncherCruncher said...

I think your family would be adorable with a little boy to balance it out, but heck...a little girl would be adorable as well. You should get into friday night lights. It's PHENOMENAL. (And slightly addicting...)

MuncherCruncher said...

And by that incredibly unclear answer...my vote is boy. ;)

Daniel said...

I'm voting for a girl, for no particular reason.

I felt more compelled to write and second my wife's suggestion of Hustle. It's British, and totally under the radar here, but it's awesome. Best TV show I've seen recently.

I also recommend Chuck, Psych, and Leverage. You'll like Better Off Ted if you liked Arrested Development, but it was cancelled in the middle of season two so there is not a lot of material to work with.

alyssa said...

I would also have to go with Big Bang Theory and Psych. We've been obsessed with Psych ever since we found out about it and it's only taken us about a week to get to the 4th season...

I'm going to guess a girl!

Kari McCallon said...

I think Boy.

Megan said...

Hey Jess! I say . . . um . . . girl.
Definitely Castle and Big Bang. You'll get addicted to both.

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

okay so im ashamed to tell you my tv additions... well because all your shows as well as everyone listed above--- they all seem so grown up :)
lets face it, when it comes to tv im stuck in my 16yr old body...
just to embarass myself a little ill give you a small list of my favs :) dont laugh and dont judge!
- jersy shore
- the game
- secret life of the american teenager
- law and order (any)
- real housewives (any)

and im guessing... GIRL...
only because im on a total girl kick and cant see any boys in the world right now. dont ask my why!

Amanda said...

I vote for boy. :)

I agree with everyone above that Big Bang Theory and Castle are both excellent choices! I've also heard that Chuck is lots of fun, but considering I haven't started it myself yet I'm not really qualified to recommend it.

Esplins said...

I'm thinking boy... but either one would be an adorable friend for little Lola.

My favorites are Office, King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond but I definitely need to broaden my horizons. Thanks for the list. I'll look into your suggestions.

Shannon said...

You have to watch Friday Night Lights (a little racy but so addicting) and Psych! You will love both.

I say BOY!!!

Ashley and Mikkel said...

i say boy!!
Desperate Housewives!!! its addicting and oh the scandals that go on...

Liv said...

i'm thinking girl. but that may just be me projecting my own future hopes to have a sister for aspen instead of a brother (what do i do with a penis?!)

i LOVE "flight of the conchords" and history shows like "american pickers," "gold rush, alaska," and whatever else my nerdy husband finds. we get easily addicted to weird shows.

Brooke Hill said...

Well I am still guessing boy. So many shows to watch! Well you already love Grey's anatomy so yea for you! Have you tried watching Private Practice? Almost as good as Grey's. I love Hell's Kitchen, anything on the Food Network and the TLC cooking and cake shows. I am also a big fan of the Biggest Loser, any of the CSI's and Law and Orders, and the new series, Cape, looks pretty promising.

aubrie said...

I vote Boy. Mostly because I think that every sister needs a little brother to boss around (wish I had one) :)

As far as shows go:
Community (LOVE IT!)

Cindy said...

I love Arrested Development, Modern Family, and Pushing Daisies. You might also like It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

Candace said...

I'm saying girl. Only because Lola is so cute and I would love to see another mini Lola.

Kimba said...

Girl from me! And our new favorite shows are Parenthood (laughter AND tears), Modern Family (of course), and every single show on Thursday nights. So. Yeah.