James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello, Seattle...

Dude, we're going to Seattle next month!

Lola has been asking for a parent-free weekend with the grandparents, so we figured we would oblige.

Though the weather will likely be cold and dreary, I can't wait to explore a new city.
I've been once before, but back when I was in elementary school.

Sooooo, here's where you come in.
Where do we go?
What do we see?
Most importantly, what must we eat?

We're also planning to take a day trip up to Victoria, so those with expertise on the town please offer up suggestions as well.

I'm so, so excited.
And I just can't hide it.


Abby said...

I dunno, but if you see Dave Matthews, give him a big wet one for me.

Skye said...

The city is wonderful... walk lots such a cool city! go to pikes place market of course, eat clam chowder on the peir at Ivars. space needle.. but only if it is a clear day! those are just a few of my favs. have fun and oh yeah congrats on baby #2!

Amy said...

Walk. Just walk EVERYWHERE. The library is totally cool (and free!) the Space Needle, Alki Beach is beautiful, as is the temple, the pier of course, eat fish and remember how bad you wanna live there when you grow up (oh wait...that's me....whatever.)

As for Victoria - there's the tallest totem pole in the world there - as far as I'm concerned it's just a drive-by opportunity though. Also Butchart Gardens is close enough to count as "in Victoria" depending on how you're getting around once you're there. It's insanely expensive, but you sortof HAVE to go because it's so dang beautiful. Also they have a concert venue, so check the date that you'll be there and you might get to see something cool - not sure what their season is....

*sigh* I'm jealous. Can you tell?

The Acerson Family said...

And you must have high tea at the big and beautiful old but stately hotel there. Can't remember what the name of it was, but you can't miss it. I kidnapped Jeff once long ago before our second was born and took him to Victoria. Beautiful place!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

The Pier is the best...the side streets have incredible food I have eaten/tasted something from every restaurant around. Their is a bakery that is just down the street from the "pig" at the main restaurant across from Pike's Place....oh good pastries! Fish is a must, fresh crab is divine. The shopping is super fun so save your pennies! Walk around and enjoy everything because it is all awesome!

Shannon said...

Yes to the Victoria Clipper! It is so fun and Victoria is gorgeous.

For shopping go downtown to Pacific Place (world's biggest/flagship Nordstrom! You will die at all the kids' shoes they have.). There are tons of great seafood restaurants downtown and on the pier--Anthony's is one of our favorites. The aquarium is also fun (on the pier).

Alki Beach is great but it's on West Seattle so you'll have to take a boat or drive over there but if it's sunny it will be gorgeous.

UW is about a 5 min drive north of downtown too. And so is Red Mill Burgers--best burgers, in Fremont.

And the underground city is fun too! So much to do.

Liv said...

oh how i envy your many travels.