James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday squatting...

As the birthday week continues, as does the shameless consumption of thousands of calories.
Not to mention the draining of our bank account.

Reece and the other January husbands schemed behind our backs to put together a little semi-surprise dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Squatters.
I say semi-surprise because Cindy and I bugged AJ and Reece until they finally gave up and told us, while Justin didn't get the memo that it was supposed to be a surprise and told Camille about it right off the bat.

Poor guys.

 The reason I love Squatters is simply this:

The chef's veggie burger with avocado and hummus, accompanied by fresh greens and the best balsamic dressing my taste buds have ever experienced.
Cue the drooling.

We managed to survive one of the busiest nights downtown SLC has seen in awhile, battling major crowds in town for the outdoors expo, Sundance Film Festival and some event at the Delta Center (because I refuse to call it EnergySolutions Arena).
Definitely worth it though.

(Sure, put the gigantic pregnant lady right in the middle of the two skinny-minis)

But the night did not end with dinner.
Oh no.

Reece brought home the most beautiful birthday cake I've ever seen, thanks to the chocolate dipped strawberries that adorned its top.

I love sharing a birthday month with two of my very favorite ladies.
It makes the celebration that much more fun and memorable.

And big props to my sweet husband who crafted the event.
The same guy who didn't throw me out in the cold when I threw an epic tantrum upon arriving at the restaurant to find an estimated hour and a half wait.
He must really love me.
And I know I am crazy about him.


Poor Lola heard the partying going on outside her room after we had put her to bed and screamed herself silly until her very mean parents gave into her woe and pulled her out for a bit more play.

The best way to calm this girl down is to let her be naked, so naked she was.

 I certainly adore her birthday suit.


justin + camille said...

Seriously, that was the BEST birthday cake I've ever had. Simply amazing. Cheers to January birthdays!

AJ and Cindy said...

thanks for sharing your celebration with us! We had such a fun time, and Camille was right, that cake was soooo delicious!