James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, October 15, 2010

Witches and ponies and pumpkins, Oh My!...

Gardner Village is a must-see destination once October rolls around.
It also happens to be Reece's least-favorite activity on the planet, with the exception of Festival of Trees in December.

Cindy just happens to love the place as much as I do, so we decided to take the babies and let the boys of the hook.

At least just this once...

It was a beautiful, fall day -- perfect for taking in all this tourist trap has to offer.
I'm a sucker for decorations and over-priced face painting.

We wheeled the girls over to the petting zoo, where a goat tried to eat Lola.

Then came the life-scarring pony ride.
Both girls were absolutely terrified.
They will likely hold it against us for the rest of their lives.



Though my child is apparently afraid of mid-sized quadrupeds, she has a certain affinity for hay and pumpkins.

The following Lola face is a result of three fruit snacks being shoved into her mouth at once.
She really does love me.
I think.

The classic Lola/Lyla bench shot:

The witches did not disappoint us this year.

Neither did the other decorations.

All the while, the baby girls chatted, shared treats and giggled at one another, as true best friends do.

But then again, the big girls did plenty of that too.

Here's to the start of a fabulous fall season.


Liv said...

i'm looking forward to being able to take my baby places and see her react. so far, it's just a lot of wide-eyed staring.

please add me as a reader when you take the blog private, although we do not know each other :) just ask kimba if i'm a crazy or not.

Kelly said...

Hey you, you look tiny and gorgeous. I wish I was as prettyful as you :)
The one you called huge.

AJ and Cindy said...

we had so much fun :) I love being able to make so many fun memories with you two. we love you girls! :)