James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Water Aversion...

Today both Lola and I faced our biggest fears:

I put on a bathing suit, she got in the swimming pool.

There were many tears from both parties, let me assure you, despite the fact we had the entire pool to ourselves.

Reece's first attempt to get our little fishy in the water was met with ear-splitting shrieks.  I am fairly certain several club patrons peeked out to make sure there was no abuse going on. 

I was able to distract her with some splashing for at least 38 seconds, but then she remembered how angry she was determined to be.

We tried giving her toys.  We tried bouncing up and down.  We tried bribing her with cars, credit cards and all-expense paid vacations.  To no avail.

She did finally stop yelling at us, but the scowl remained glued to that chubby little face.

It wasn't until she was safely out of the water that she gave up a slight hint of a smile.

This chick does not hide her feelings well, nor does she try to.

But of course, the minute she got in her bath [kitchen sink] at Grandma's house, she remembered how much she loves that H2O.


Amy said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

You know she didn't like my dogs last night either...they were so furry and friendly :) But I won her over with mangoes and strawberries! We missed you, but I'm really glad I got to hold your dear cute Lola!

pool toys said...

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun in the water. I always liked to fill the pool up with pool toys

Kim said...

Funny girl! I love your header picture. Lola is adorable!

Abby said...

Yeah. She's cute.

Not sure if you knew that or not.

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

Even with a scowl she's still adorable. And her bathing suit ... I wish boys wore ruffles! Way to hang in there - I'm sure it was an adventure. She'll warm up to it, as the weather warms up.

Kari McCallon said...

cute pictures!!!