James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Fanfare...

Let me just preface my next statement by saying that I know, in reality, Reece loves Lola and I more than anything else on this earth.

That being said, there are two things Reece loves more than anything else on this earth:  Ruth's Diner and the Hogle Zoo.

So what better way to celebrate a day dedicated to daddies than to spend it doing the things the daddy of our little family loves best?  There is no better way, I tell you.

Today happened to be a lovely day in Salt Lake City, and it also happened to be one of the only Saturdays I've had partially off work in months, so celebrate we did.

We headed up the canyon with some good friends and made ourselves comfortable at a table on the famous Ruth's patio.

Lola had her first taste of Ruth's Mile High Biscuit and was not disappointed.  Well, except for when she bit my finger trying to get the last of the chunk I was sharing with her.  Nasty surprise for mama and Lola.

Reece ordered a baby back rib omelet (just writing out the name makes me nauseated) while I stuck to my favorite Skinny Burrito.  In no way does this meal resemble anything skinny, but it makes me feel better when I order something with that word in the title. 

As usual, my two hooligans made a scene.

And yes, we were that obnoxious group who asked our server to take a picture.

After gorging ourselves beyond what is healthy or holy, we rolled on over to the zoo.  Lola has been once before, but she was like eight weeks old and got mad every time I tried to take her out of her car seat. 

This time was much better, especially since she had her favorite pal there to carry her around and list off random facts about each of the animals.  Did you know wolves eat children?

Let me take a break from all the pictures to point out the obvious:  this was very much a daddy-daughter outing.  I was only allowed to tag along so it could be properly documented for posterity.

Wait, I take it back.  They did let me appear in a few shots.

Favorite moment:  watching a terrified Lola cling to Reece as a lion tried to attack.

Or maybe it was forcing our child to sit inside a giant dinosaur egg against her will.

Or perhaps it was catching Lola on camera when she plugged her nose in disdain as we passed the giraffe habitat.

It's always a hoot at the Hogle Zoo, mostly because it's cheap and you can see it all in less than an hour.

We love our Babbo, and wish him a very happy Father's Day.


kara lynn said...

i have wanted to go to ruths diner for ages!! didn't they remodel it more recently?

and the zoo too. yes the zoo. i want to go their too. how fun!

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

The giraffe was my favorite moment!!! haha. I love that picture :)

AJ and Cindy said...

looks like you guys had a lovely day! how fun to be able to take lola to the zoo now that she is older :0) I love that reece was showing her everything, what a great daddy!