James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 Months...

Holy guacamole!  My baby has spent as much time out of my belly as she spent cooking inside it!

And while she was pretty cute fresh out of the oven, she's cooled off very well, if I do say so myself.

Oh this baby girl of mine.  Definitely not camera shy, that's for sure. 

As we've approached this 9 month mark, I've thought a lot about the differences between pregnancy and motherhood.  Not that motherhood doesn't begin with pregnancy, because I think it does, but there are some very distinct changes that take place once the little rib-kicker makes him/herself out of you.

For example, when I was pregnant, I had a certain power over my husband that is hard to describe.  Like, when I asked him to rub my cankles, he rubbed them.  When I asked him to pick up whatever food I was craving at the moment, he would be halfway to the car before I could finish my request.  When I sobbed over an empty tube of toothpaste, he brought home roses. 

Absolute power, my friends.  I guess it's not too hard to describe after all.

And now that I think about it, that absolute power took hold of others as well.  Complete strangers smiled at me, opened my doors, paid for my drinks, bent over backwards to make sure I was comfortable.  It was pretty sweet.

Now that Lola is here, she's taken over that power.  Take her daddy, for example. She reaches for his drink, he tips it to her lips.  She yells "dada" when we're trying to let her cry it out in her crib, he scoops her up within 1.5 seconds. She smiles, he melts into a puddle on the floor. 

And don't even get me started on strangers.  She gets the smiles.  She gets the adoration.  She gets the treats.  She gets the star treatment.

It's safe to say I've been dethroned.

But I guess I'm okay with that.  Because did I mention she can stick her tongue out for the camera now?  SO adorable.

Then there's the fact that my pants fit.  They definitely didn't fit when I was pregnant.

I could go on, but that would make this rambling even longer than it already is, and seriously, who wants that?

So now, without further ado, I present our list of Lola Girl's Nine Month Favorites:

Favorite Book:  "Are You My Mother?"
Favorite Food: A toss up between ice cream and sweet potatoes
Favorite Time to be Awake: Whatever time mom and dad decide to put her to sleep
Favorite Song: "Apologize" by One Republic/"Blackbird" by The Beatles
Favorite Accessory: Any kind of shoe -- apparently they're great for chewing
Favorite Toy: Mama's keys
Favorite People: Grandma Thaylene and Grandma Cyndi
Favorite Word: Cat (always said in a whisper)
Favorite Sleep Position: Stomach (takes after her mama on this one)
Favorite Rule to Break: Another toss up, this time between "No pulling mama's hair out" and "No scratching mama's eyeballs out"
Favorite Places to Yell or Sing at the Top of Her Lungs: Target, church, KSL newsroom during a live show, the car

I know it sounds silly, but I really feel like Lola has passed the "baby" stage and is moving swiftly to the "toddler/kid" stage.  Though it makes me a bit sad, I love watching her little personality blossom.  And blossom it has.

At 9 months, Lola still refuses to crawl but occasionally humors us with an army scoot.
At 9 months, Lola is talking more than ever.
At 9 months, Lola has forgotten what it means to sleep through the night and scoots all the way to the top of her crib within about 10 minutes of us putting her down.
At 9 months, Lola's feet are dangling over the edge of her infant seat.
At 9 months, Lola growls at us regularly.
At 9 months, Lola gets into everything.
At 9 months, Lola has a third tooth coming in.
At 9 months, Lola loves to bounce and clap.  And bounce and clap.  And bounce and clap.
At 9 months, Lola is bossy.  Really, really bossy.

I (for the most part) loved those 9 (10) months of pregnancy, but these past 9 months have been the best of my life.  They've been hard.  They've been messy.  They've been downright exhausting.  But they've also been hilarious.  And ridiculously fun.  And completely filled with love.

In short, I adore my 9-month-old girl more than ever.


Madelyn said...

I can't believe she is already 9 months! I can definitely tell she's got quite the personality from your pictures. She's so cute!

Abby said...

Dude. That last picture. I think some tears squeaked out.

Shara Parker Park said...

Such a cute post. I loved hearing all the things she loves right now. And the picture at the end, classic. She is such a dang cute baby! Good Job Mommy!

tracie said...

I love the feet picture!!

Eric and Lindsay said...

She really is so dang cute. I love looking at her pictures. She has the cutest smile ever!