James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick Obsession...

I am beyond exhausted today.  Actually, I've been beyond exhausted for the past three days.  You want to know why?

I'll tell you.

Reece and I haven't gone to bed before 4 a.m. for the past three days.

Do you want to know why?

I'll tell you.

A. Stupid. Television. Show.

Do you want to know which one?

I'll tell you.

Prison Break.  A show I completely ignored when it was actually on television because I hate prison shows/movies/books etc.  I hate violence.  I hate boy shows.

But I don't hate this one.

In fact, I am obsessed.  In a very unhealthy way.  It does help that the two main characters are VERY easy to look at (Reece even agrees, and that's saying a lot.)

After flying through the first two seasons in less than a week, I'm kind of hoping the next two suck (as many people have warned me they do) so I can get my life back.

Until then, I don't count on getting any sleep.


Ashley said...

Did we tell you about this one or did you hear about it from someone else? Cause we were addicted too!!! It's SO GOOD! But it's true the later seasons aren't as great!

robocop said...


Clark and Alicia said...

Hey Jessica!
This is Alicia Radford...we used to be in your ward. I saw your blog from Hollie's blog, and I was blog snooping (yes, I'm a blog snooper, I admit it)....anywho, I saw the pic with your cute Lola and the toy stackable doughnuts, and was wondering where you got it??? It's SO cute! Did you buy it, make it, etc? I'd love to get one or make one for my little Em. let me know.
Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

You want to know a secret? Over spring break I took the whole week off of work. I had a huge list of wonderful things to accomplish. I then was perusing NetFlix (currently was not a member) and saw that they had LOST. I am a late bloomer and only started watching a little while ago. I was stuck somewhere in Season 5 and dying to watch Season 6. So what did I do instead of all my wonderful things on my list? That's right. 4 full days...seriously 7:00 am until well past midnight watching LOST. It was ridiculous. I am officially caught up and my obsession is gone, and my list still isn't done. :-)

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

haha.. i had this sick obsession for the first season but it them died after that. i didnt enjoy the second quite as much and i never even tried to sit through the others. hmm...
i wish i could give advise but i have other show obsessions and its pretty discusting! haha