James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Walk in the Park...

Have I mentioned how much I adore spring?  I have?  Well, this is me mentioning it again.

Today Lola and I headed to Liberty Park for a picnic with some of our favorite mother-daughter pairs.  The sun was shining, the breeze was breezing and an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper was waiting for me in my lunch pail.

Hollie and Aleksandra:

Cindy and Lyla:

Katie and Grace:

And of course, Jessica and Lola:

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. 

Lola experienced the swings for the first time.  I thought she would scream her head off (a common theme as of late), but to my very pleasant surprise, she loved them.

The fear on her face in that last photo was not from the swings, it was from the nasty, obese, hairy man walking by with his shirt off.  Poor child will be scarred for life.  I know I am.

The real fun came when we put the babies back to back in the swing.  Instant entertainment, let me assure you.  For the mamas at least.  The babies didn't know quite what to think.

I must mention I have met my match when it comes to obsessive picture taking, and I could not be more pleased.  Cindy and I took about a billion pictures of our girls, who are just one month apart.

We like to call them our little "La's." [LoLA, LyLA]

It was a perfect outing, one that I hope to repeat over and over again this summer.  We love where we live.


Kelli said...

I'm just curious why you don't live by me. You always have so much fun and I love reading about it. I am glad you post it so I can live vicariously through you! You have a beautiful family and I miss you....

Fae said...

I really miss you guys. Sad that I don't live within walking distance to you girls.

AJ and Cindy said...

I love the pics we took of our little La's. that was so fun to see them interact, and have Lyla give Lola a little kiss! lol