James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There One Moment...

Lola has become quite the seasoned sitter-upper. She hates being on her back and is eager to show off her talents to anyone and anything willing to glance her way.

We've tried to encourage this behavior, mainly because we've failed at enforcing regular tummy time and have likely stunted her development forever (or so say all the parenting books I've read).

The scene played out like this:

Reece and I were laying on the floor (what is it that makes the floor so comfortable in such an uncomfortable way?) and Lola was sitting in her Boppy pillow on the couch. We laughed at her determination to get to her freaky singing firefly, which was just out of her reach.

I was just about to give in and hand it to her, when we heard the thump.

We both looked up at the couch, but Lola was nowhere to be found.

The scream that ensued led us straight to her. She had reached too far and flipped face-first onto the ground.

I've never seen Reece jump up so fast, and I've never heard him use so many expletives back to back over the course of 30 seconds. I froze, afraid to even breathe.

She's going to have a black eye and a bruised forehead and a broken arm and a concussion that will lead to brain damage and the doctors will take her away from us for being so irresponsible and my life will be over.

Yes, that was my immediate train of thought. I'm crazy. We all know this.

But then that maternal instinct kicked in. The one that would probably cause me to jump into a pool of hungry sharks to get to my kid. It's a powerful thing, that maternal instinct.

I snatched Lola out of Reece's very capable arms and started kissing her whole face and head, which only seemed to make her more angry. I swore I saw a bump forming, but Reece pointed out that "bump" was just her nose. The one that has been on her face since she was born.

I told you I was crazy.

Anyway, Lola ended up being fine. All she needed was a bottle and the whole terrible incident was forgotten. She inherited her mother's credo that good food makes everything okay.

The whole experience slapped me in the face though. Soon, I will have to really start watching her. I mean CLOSELY. I won't be able to just set her down and do my thing. She'll be crawling. And walking. And putting things in her mouth. And pulling things down on top of her.

Suddenly I'm feeling extremely tired.


Logical Libby said...

I have decided instead of childproofing we are just going to move.

Kimba said...

Yes, it starts. :) It's such fun, but it'll never be the same! :)

Katie said...

Ha! Marc and I got a good laugh out of that story.