James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lola's First Christmas: Part 2...

After a fun-filled night with the Bountiful family, we packed up the car, braved the frigid cold and headed down to the Lindon family for Christmas morning.

Lola woke up bright and early (thanks to Grandma and Uncle Adam, who stood guiltily above her crib when I heard her squeal) to see what magic Santa had left for her. Again, I think "Santa" will have a lot more fun with this once Lola is old enough to care.

So down the stairs we went, aunts and uncle in tow. And though I'm old and grown, my heart gave a little skip when I saw this waiting for us:

It would appear that Lola liked what she saw as well. She was so excited, in fact, she began to chew on her Papa's hand. She's a stress biter, you know.

Enjoying the spoils of her very first stocking -- crayons, candy cane socks, chew toys and a Baby Bottle Pop, of course:

New shoes from Auntie Kelly:

Helping Papa with a gift, and discovering a taste for tissue paper:

Loving on her new doll that Auntie Alysha brought back from Uruguay:

Santa may be regretting the decision to bring Lola a toy that makes noise:

And really, how can one be truly jolly without a little naked time?

Breakfast consisted of traditional "Egg McMuffins" and Diet Dr. Pepper:

Followed by a fashion show with Uncle Adam's new post-mission visor:

And a nap with Grandma:

This kid made out like a bandit. And here I thought a 4-month-old didn't need Christmas gifts:

I think she will be up for doing it all over again next year.