James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gorge-fest 2009...

Here we are, a full 24 hours after Thanksgiving, and I am still struggling to move around gracefully. To say that we overate would be a gross understatement.

No wonder marriage brings weight gain. Two Thanksgiving feasts in one day? Is that even safe?

It hurt so good.

Lola kicked off the day with her first taste of jam. Raspberry jam, to be exact.

I dare say it was a smashing success.

Shortly after this picture was taken, we attempted to put her binky back in her mouth. She promptly spat it out and stared me down until I was forced to dip the binky in jam. It's a really scary look, Okay? Don't judge me.

I kicked off the day with a 7 mile run in the beautiful Utah inversion. I almost died, but at least I worked off a piece of pie, right?

Reece started off the day with a good Thanksgiving nap.

After our morning activities, we headed to Reece's grandparents' house for Thanksgiving Numero Uno.

After consuming unholy amounts of key lime pie, we headed north for Thanksgiving Numero Due with my family.

I should mention this is the first Thanksgiving they've decided to spend in Utah since I got married. Apparently I had to have a kid in order for them to want to spend the holidays with me.

I'm not bitter though.

Lessons learned from Thanksgiving #3 as a married woman:

01. Eating is exhausting
02. We can spike Lola's patch of hair into a faux-hawk like Daddy's
03. When you feel like you are going to puke, stop eating, no matter how good the food looks
04. Always, always wear stretchy pants
05. Reece gets really passionate about chocolate turkeys, especially when they are hollow

Now if you'll excuse me, I have about 4,000,892,383,892 sit ups to do.

Or maybe I'll just go eat some leftovers instead.


The De Rosa's +1 said...

We miss you guys! I am glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving dinner. Miss Lola is getting so big and way cute.

LIL MAMA said...