James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Friends...

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately thought about my cats.

Okay, so maybe my first thought was "seriously?" followed by "I know nothing about babies" followed by "this test is broken" followed by "so that's what all the puking was about" followed by amillionotherthoughts until I finally reached "YEAH!"

But after that, I immediately thought of my cats.

I can still remember the day I finally convinced Reece to let me bring one home.

He was never a cat person before he met me (despite the fact that his family owns a Pomeranian. Seriously, those dogs are more cat-like than any cat I know). In fact, the first time he met my family cat, Misha, he threw a blanket over her and promptly defended his actions by insisting she looked cold. The first time he laid eyes on our other family cat, Daisy, he put a huge sun hat over her and said, "Look Jess! It's the Cat in the Hat!"

Needless to say, it took a lot of convincing to get my cat-loving sisters to see him as anything but a monster.

It took nearly six months of constant begging to get him to agree to a pet. Finally, I delivered an ultimatum: Cat or Baby.

The next day, we were at the Humane Society.

We walked past the cages and cages of beautiful animals. I wanted to take them all home. I quickly fell in love with a little black kitten who held to me tight as I rocked her. Reece, however, had different plans.

"She's too boring," he said.

So he found the most rambunctious cat in the whole place. Jack and Reece were made for each other. Jack reached his tiny paw through his little cage and grabbed Reece's sweater. That's when Reece knew.

So we took him home. He has destroyed nearly every piece of furniture we own, given us numerous scars and scratched up all the screens in our apartment, but we love the little bugger just the same.

Then there's Adele. Our homeless baby. We picked her up during a trip to St. George. I heard an earth-shattering meow and saw this tiny little thing balancing on a fence. Reece hopped said fence into someone's backyard to rescue her, and I convinced him to let me take her home so we could "find her a new home."

About two weeks later he brought the whole "finding a new home" thing up. I asked him if he would give away his own child as I blubbered. He never uttered those words again.

Make fun of me if you want, but I really did worry about how my babies would deal with a new baby.

Jack was indifferent. Adele took it pretty hard.

Lola would cry at night. Adele would start to cry too. Loudly.
Lola would be on my lap. Adele would hop up and try to push the impostor away.
Lola would sleep in between us in our bed. Adele would step on her and lay in her spot.

I've noticed something though.

Now, when Lola cries, Adele is right there to nuzzle her.
When Lola is on my lap, Adele snuggles up next to her.
When Lola sleeps between us, Adele licks her face until she giggles.

Now, my babies are the best of friends.


tracie said...

I love this!! I have been trying so hard to make Eric get me a cat, but he won't budge. HE's told ME it's kitties or kiddies. I told HIM it's Tracie and Kitties and Kiddies and happiness forever or eternal damnation. We're still working on it...But I think it's perfectly understandable to worrry how your pets react. They are just as much family!! (Although if it was a life-or-death situation and you were watching helplessly while Evil held your baby and kitty over a steaming volcano, you would probably pick your baby to save, right? I think about these things sometimes...)