James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Months...

My little cookie is two months old today.

Look how big and cute and kissable and adorable and beautiful she is:


At two months, Lola is my laughing queen. She cracks up at pretty much anything. In fact, I stubbed my toe on the vacuum the other day, only to hear her ear-splitting squeal. At first I thought she was crying out in sympathy for her mother's pain, but I looked around the corner to find her laughing her little heart out. Nice.

At two months, Lola no longer stays swaddled. Try as we might to keep her contained, she kicks and punches herself out of every single blanket in a matter of minutes. It's not uncommon to walk into her nursery in the morning to find multiple blankets askew and Lola completely exposed.

At two months, Lola loves to be upright. Apparently laying flat is for babies. We have to prop her up on the couch, or she makes her displeasure known (very loudly, I might add).

At two months, Lola is starting to look like a baby Chia Pet. We are quickly waving bye bye to baldness. It's a good feeling, and I love rubbing my chin over her soft peach fuzz.

At two months, Lola is a party girl. She refuses to go to sleep until all the lights in the house are out (which is usually around midnight). If something is going on, she insists on being a part of it. Once she's down, however, she's down until 7 or 8 in the morning. Fantastic.

Now, for the Mama report.

At two months, Mama is feeling substantially more rested.

At two months, Mama is taking Lola for jogs as often as Lola permits.

At two months, Mama can sit through an entire shift in the newsroom without crying.

At two months, Mama is more in love with her girl than ever, and enjoying life with her little best friend.


Jordan Ormond said...

What a beautiful smile! I can't help smile when I look at her picture! ... and I love squeals of delight too. They're the best!

savana said...

i cant even believe that she sleeps from midnight to 8! Izzy is 8 months and is just starting to sleep thought the night. and thats with even waking up at 5 or so to eat. lucky girl u r.

Abby said...

So so sweet. And can we TALK about the OWLS?!


Jenna said...

She's changed so much! So cute, Jessica. Really, she's darling.

tara said...

Love her smile!