James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, October 16, 2009

Study Buddies...

Reece has embarked on the exhilarating (and by exhilarating, I mean so-stressful-you-want-to-pull-every-hair-out-of-your-head) journey that is studying for the GMAT. Every Saturday he pulls himself out of bed and drags himself back to the U for a 5 hour course that supposedly shows one how to think like a test writer.

After glancing over just three "practice" questions from his prep book, I'm convinced the test writers are all on crack. Just one girl's opinion.

Anyway, the road to graduate school feels incredibly long and tumultuous at this point, and when the man of the house isn't at work, he is most likely to be found with a hideous giant book on his lap.

Thank goodness babies make the best study partners.

-They cry when they've had enough, giving you the perfect out
-They fill their diapers every 30 minutes, thus guaranteeing regular breaks
-They tend to look at you like you are the most intelligent human being in the entire world
-They remind you that their own college education rests in your hands, thus inspiring you to stay committed

With Lola's help, that ridiculous test doesn't stand a chance. And even if Reece gets every single question wrong, at least he has this to come home to:


marissa said...

Wow... does Lola get cuter every day?

GMAT studying sucks, it eats up all free time. I've been a study widow for the past 2 months-- My husband takes his first stab at the test today, actually.

tara said...

Good luck with the GMAT...maybe I should have children to insure that the husband takes study breaks ;)

siovhan said...

that lola girl seriously gets cuter every single day!

Abby said...

I agree with marissa, I think she gets cuter every day! And how could ANYTHING be wrong in the world when you can come home to that adorable little Lola?

Brianne said...

What a cute post Jess! I loved how you described how Lola was a good study buddy. She really is so cute too!

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

I am pretty sure the test writers for the MCAT are on crack too! Arent we lucky to have husbands who work hard on tests written from crack addicts, who make them almost impossible to pass?
P.S. Lola is precious! :)