James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Month...

My kid is officially a month old.

I'm not sure how that happened.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I looked like this?:

Time flies when you are getting puked on.

At four weeks, Lola is smiling, staring, holding her head up on her own, sleeping 6-7 hours straight, finally starting to fill out those 0-3 month outfits and trying with all her might to roll over.

At four weeks, Mama is sleeping when she can, sucking in to button up her pre-pregnancy jeans, wearing makeup about once every 1o days and finally starting to get the hang of the whole "mom" thing.

Life is good.


Lindsey said...

She is so cute. I need her. I am coming so soon so that our babies can be cheek to cheek.

Kim said...

It's really been a month? Wow! She is such a doll and I'm sure you are an amazing mom!

Kimba said...

So, Cabe gets in tonight and we need to come see you! When works best? We're going to get him a suit I think, so we could come during the day (that way he can wrangle Wyatt and I can snuggle Lola) or we could come in the evening and see Reece too. Thoughts?

Now that the business is over, YEAH for one month! :) You are just a fantastic mommy, she is SOOO beautiful, and I am still jealous of your long sleep stretch. But so happy for you, too. :) Happy 1 month, Lola!

The life of a college girl said...

So cute Jess!!! I cant believe it has already been a month. She gets cuter by the day!

erin said...

She has changed so much since you had her. Such a cutie. Also, I hope that when I have a child, he or she will sleep 6-7 hours when they are 1 month old. My nephew turns 1 in a few weeks and just started sleeping through the night!