James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Time...

This is it folks. In approximately 15 minutes, we will jump in the car and head to LDS Hospital to have our baby.

We spent our final childless day splurging on a movie (Julie and Julia) and lunch (Squatters). Mostly, we just enjoyed being together and talking about this huge thing that we are about to do.

I'm finally having fairly consistent contractions. The lovely little things decided to show up during the movie. I will forever associate Meryl Streep with intense pain and cramping. I'm hoping this means the labor will be shorter than the 24 hours my doctor has predicted.

We both want to thank everyone for the messages, phone calls, texts and emails we've been receiving all day. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.

And with that, I sign off. Hopefully my next post will include a picture of a healthy, happy baby girl!


Kimba said...

Ooh! You probably will then, if you're already contracting like that. That's great news!

And LDS hospital...I'm jealous. They're the best! I think they still give out those HUGE mugs. I was so disappointed when my hospital gave me a cup and a tiny pitcher. I had to ask them to refill it about 30 times. :) I'll be sending quick labor vibes your way.

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

Yay! I have been thinking about you guys all night. Good luck!!!!