James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've discovered something today. Something extremely important. Something that could possibly prove to be life-changing...

Allow me to divulge:

Crappy days can turn into fantastic days in just 15 seconds flat.

I was super bummed after the previously-mentioned visit with my baby doctor. It's been ridiculously hot here lately, so it didn't help to return to an apartment with a defective air conditioner. I plopped my humongous body on the green couch and prepared myself for a long night of sulking, crying and Gilmore Girls.

I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that I didn't notice Reece slip away into the mess that is the nursery. In fact, I became so involved in my self pity that it took me about an hour to realize my husband was missing. Curiosity won out in the end, and with great effort I hoisted myself up and waddled to the back room to investigate.

When I tried to open the door, I was met with a loud cry of "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!"

Reece came marching out and insisted we go to dinner for our anniversary. Apparently the Costco pizza didn't cut it. Plus, he knows that the only way to distract me from being nosy is to tempt me with good food. So we headed to Desert Edge Pub.

After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves, Reece took me to Smith's to pick out not one, but TWO cartons of my favorite ice cream. When we got home, I was given strict instructions to remain on the couch with my dessert until further notice.

When I was finally given clearance to peek into the forbidden lair, this is what I found:

The big cardboard box that has been taking over the room for nearly a week had suddenly turned into my baby's dresser. Isn't it fantastic?

But that's not all. For the past few days I've been busy laundering Baby's ridiculous amounts of newborn/3 month clothing, and until tonight, the massive piles had been chillin' in baskets on the floor. Thanks to my husband, those clothes and receiving blankets and burp cloths now reside in their proper home.

As I was skipping (well, waddling) around the apartment in celebration of this HUGE accomplishment, I noticed two boxes sitting on our porch. I opened the first and found this inside:

I've been bugging Reece about a video camera since just after the shock of my pregnancy wore off. "How will we remember what she looked like as a newborn?" "What if we can't document her first steps?" "What will I post on the blog once she's here?" "How are we supposed to humiliate her as a teenager if we don't have any home videos?" He always played it off by insisting it was a superfluous expense, something we really didn't need when there were diapers to be bought and hospital bills to be paid. Turns out, he was plotting all along, and wanted to surprise me for our anniversary. And he knows how much I love the color orange.

After jumping up and down some more (admittedly, the jumping up and down was also to encourage gravity to do it's thing and get this kid moving), I moved on to the next box that awaited me.

Inside, I found this:

And this:

Courtesy of our dear friend Kimba. Being the emotional wreck that I am, I burst into tears on the spot and begged Reece to hang it above the crib right away.

I am so lucky to have such fantastic, supportive people in my life.

Before I sign off, I will leave you with a final sneak peak of what will someday become Baby's bed:

(Please ignore the bare walls- they are a work in progress)

I apologize for the gushiness of this post. What can I say? It's been a very good day.


siovhan said...

i love this.
a thousand times over.
you are the most adorable girl on the whole planet. your daughter is going to be amazing if she's even a smidgen like you. i'm excited for her!

AJ and Cindy said...

I am so happy that your evening turned out so well! What a sweet husband you have to do all those nice things! We really should hang out outside the blogging world and passing each other by in the church hall...I think we are a lot alike, and so is Reece and AJ!

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

I LOVE your crib. I love it! Where did you get it again??? I need it for my baby (although there is not one coming in the near future), I love the blankets too. it has turned out to be such a cute little nursery, so put together! I hope mine turns out cute, I tend to get stuff I like and then I realize I dont' like it. It's really bad - especially when you do'nt have money. haha!

Julie Radmall said...

Reece is so great! Your baby's nursery is adorable- I love the furniture! I hope she comes soon :) I have really enjoyed keeping up with your pregnancy and life on your blog, and giving Nelson updates. You are a great writer!
p.s. I would choose your cankles over my chubby cheeks and hands!

steph and brent said...

Now I'm starting to cry. Thanks. I can't help but think of how grateful I am for my own husband (and father-to-be) when I read your posts about the fun and quirky things Reece does. I love to hear happy stories about the thoughtful things husbands do (instead of the husband bashing that sometimes ensues when two or more girls gather in conversation -- that makes me really uncomfortable). From the stories you share on your blog, it sounds like Reece constantly treats you like a princess and that it'll be that way for a while, especially with another little princess around the corner.

Amy said...

I love good days! :)

Abby said...

this post is fantastic. hell's bells, it made ME feel awesome inside! the loot you got is, admittedly, enviable. luckily, i'm friends with kim, too. huzzah!

i love love love the baby furniture you chose. the dresser looks adorable, as does your crib and crib bedding. reece is also a gem, and so is the desert edge pub. and so is that drink reece was drinking which i can only hope is a dr. pepper.

yes....dr. pepper...

well, i'm off to the dari mart for a dr. pepper!

love ya, girly.

Kimba said...

yeah! i'm glad you liked it. :) sorry it was delayed, i had to wait for info from reece, and then my tools pooped out on me. better late than never!

maybe she was waiting for it....and i can now say i just love the bedding you picked. i've had my eye on it at target for many moons! lovely, just lovely. mwah!

Brooke Nelson said...

so admittedly I don't have much to give, but I do make kick A baby announcements... if you want someone to make them for you, let me know! I own a digital scrapbooking store!


PS: your poop covered friend

Brooke Nelson said...

oh, I was gonna say for free... didn't I say that?

for F-R-E-E

LOL Sorry!


Jessica said...

Gorgeous nursery! I love it! What an awesome hubby you have!

Jessica and Reecey said...

Hil- We got the crib, dresser and bedding at Target. I am thinking about naming the kid Target, because I love that place so much.