James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, June 5, 2009

Something Fishy...

Tonight, we had some exciting news to celebrate.

So we paid a long overdue visit to one of our favorite indulgences, otherwise known as The Yogurt Stop.

I filled up my cup with a twist of tart and peach yogurt, and sprinkled the usual killer combo of granola, graham cracker crust, strawberries and raspberries on top.

We put the cups on the scale, signed our first born away and headed to our favorite table to consume.

This is where the story gets downright ugly.

I spooned a perfect cocktail of yogurt slathered with all the winning toppings, and prepared myself for the usual euphoria that follows that first heavenly bite.

But the second that spoonful touched my tongue, I nearly puked.

Appalled, shocked, scared and confused, I scooped up round two, convinced my gag reflex was playing tricks on me.

It wasn't.

Apparently, baby HATES frozen yogurt. Yet another sign that she could be my problem child.


tara said...

a very VERY sad day indeed...maybe she only likes Spoon Me..??

Kimba said...

Augh! A nightmare!!! I shudder!

Thankfully, you only have a bit left.

Kimba said...

Maybe it was bad yogurt.

Yeah, has to be that...

Emily said...

but what was the news you were celebrating?