James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


That's how old I am today. And I am starting to have trouble breathing.

Is it just me, or is 24 the age where you cross the great divide between carefree kid-dom and adulthood?

TWENTY FOUR just sounds... OLD.

But it's been a good one. I have been showered with love and well wishes from friends and family all day... some who I haven't talked to in a long time... who kindly remembered to call me on January 21st. Thanks for making me feel loved.

And for reasons that I cannot yet disclose... this birthday will go down in my history book as one of the most unforgettable... albeit humorously uncomfortable and awkward.

That story will come soon enough.

For now... I am counting down the seconds until I can leave work (did I mention I had to work... on my BIRTHDAY??? Hmph.) and post pictures of the loot that comes with turning 24.

That's coming up in about an hour.

Be excited.


Abby said...

Whatever dude. Just wait to you turn 25.

That one just blows.

Ashley and Mikkel said...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine is tomorrow!!! crazy! well thanks for letting me know what to expect when my big 24 hits me!

Logical Libby said...

Mine was 27. Once you hit that, there is no denying you will turn 30.

Now stop whining. You're young.

tara said...

Thanks for making me feel ancient..for I will turn 25 this year..and wow am I looking forward to that...There's no way 24 can be old when you just spent the last couple weeks in the land of gelato and hot shoes..

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! 24 isn't so bad; according to my hubby it's 25 that makes you undeniably in your "mid 20's". Hope you had a great day.

Amy said...

I hear ya! Thankfully I have a few months before I cross the great divide. Some moments you just all of a sudden realize that you're not in high school anymore (which is good) and that you're well on your way to adult-hood. Ugh is right.

Can't wait to hear the whole story!

The Grady's said...

Happy Birthday!!! thankfully I have 8 more months for my big 24th, but just think - you are no longer in your "early 20's"...you have now entered the "mid-twenties!" Arg!