James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Like Christmas, with Homeless People...

Today... I fulfilled my 9-month long dream of procuring a library card from the Salt Lake City Library.

I LOVE the library. LOVE it. Gazillions of books, movies, CD's and magazines... all free, and all at my disposal.

College temporarily brought my love affair with the world of literature to a crashing halt. Don't get me wrong, I read some incredible, thought provoking works while in school, and I even enjoyed many of them.
But there is something about being forced to read a book, that takes away from the overall experience. And while I always enjoyed discussing the readings in class, I found myself, uh, skimming through dozens of pages just to get to the main points. Or hopping on sparknotes.com, if I was really tired.

So it was with great pleasure and much anticipation that I walked into the beautiful downtown library and got my very own card. I then proceeded to drag Reece up and down the aisles (he immediately headed to the MOVIE section to find Heroes Season One on DVD. Seriously.) and grabbed as many books as I could hold.

And apparently, we have a very well-read homeless population here in Salt Lake, because the library seems to be a popular hangout.

Oh yes, I LOVE the library.


erin and todd said...

I loved to read growing up and then totally stopped "pleasure reading" in college. You are right! It is so different reading because you want to and being forced to read. I am just barely getting back into reading again. Congrats on the library card! The SL Library is awesome!

Kimba said...

I still have mine! I was so lucky it opened when I was living below the U, because I have my very own card. I LOVE that library, but totally know what you mean about the homeless population. Never quite understood it.

Abby said...

Yes, the SLC Library is amazing. And I don't live there. So thanks for making me feel homesick. Again.

Ms. Walker said...

Oh man...I wish I was you. I just have the little old Orem Library. It's pretty great--for Utah County. But, oh how I dream about the SLC Library. It's a teachers resource heaven!