James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Positively Positive...

The time has come to list my blessings, since I have been drowning in self-doubt and self-pity for the past few days. Don't worry, the waterworks seem to have dried up (for now), and NO, I'm not pregnant :) But believe me when I say, I have so much to be grateful for:

I love my husband. He is possibly the most supportive and hilarious person that I have ever known, and I love that we get to figure out how to be grown-ups together.

I love my kitty. Even though he loves to bite, scratch and mutilate me when I am trying to do my workout dvds, he ends up on my lap the second he anticipates sadness, loneliness or confusion. He takes care of me as much as he wounds me.

I love my city. Salt Lake is cooler than I ever knew. Spoon Me, Gateway, Liberty Park, walks in our little old neighborhood, Temple Square, the Farmer's Market, Atlantic, Sunday drives through the Avenues, Real Salt Lake games at Rice Eccles... the longer we live here, the deeper my love becomes. And, GOOD NEWS! We get to STAY! Reece is officially transferring to the U in the fall! Logan would have been great, but I am NOT a fan of freezing cold temperatures.

I love my jobs. I get to write news stories in the coolest newsroom in the state with some of the most talented news professionals around (not to mention the endless waves of snacks and goodies that constantly populate the producer desk). And who doesn't love discounted clothing and a hilarious all-girl work environment (go Maurices!).

I love being healthy enough to get up every morning and go for a long run. I am sure Reece is grateful for this fact as well, since I relieve my stress this way :)

I love our families. We are so lucky to live so close to both of our families right now, and since it most likely won't be like this in a year or so, we are livin' it up. Nothing like grocery shopping in Mom's food pantry.

I love the Yogurt Stop in Bountiful. 10 flavors of frozen yogurt- self serve. Topping bar the length of the Great Wall (we are talking crushed candy bars, assorted fruits, candy, chocolate, caramel...you name it, you can pile it on top of a glorious mound of soft-serve). I am a huge fan of self serve.

and most of all...

I love possibility. We are at the stage in our lives where the sky is the limit. We take risks and make crazy, irresponsible decisions without major consequences. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.


Brianne said...

Jess! I love you! I found your blog through your facebook. You look like you are doing so good. Now we can keep up on eachother's lives through our blogs and not just the couple of minutes that we see eachother at our parent's ward when we both come home to visit!

Kimba said...

Sounds pretty fabulous to me!

Also, Yogurt Stop?! WHAT IS THIS?! I need to visit!