James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a Little Crush...

I have developed a huge thing for James McAvoy.

If you haven't seen Atonement, see it. (His brilliant acting and beautiful face overshadow the fact that Kiera Knightley is also in the movie. Why must she stick her bottom teeth out when she talks?).

If you haven't seen Penelope, definitely see it. Cute story, fabulously attractive leading man. I think Reece wanted to kill me because I kept squealing whenever he flashed his flawless smile.

If you haven't seen Becoming Jane, see it, but be prepared to be annoyed by Anne Hathaway the whole time.

Also, he is Scottish. Yum.

I haven't had a crush on a movie star since I was in high school. I think it was Ben Affleck. My judgement, however, has improved.

Anyone want to start a fan club?


Tara and Adam said...

I'm down! I haven't seen Atonement but I LOVED Penelope,almost enough to buy my own copy. Consider the fan club started... two fans is enough, right? :)

tara said...

Hot James Boy Club: members 3...oh yes..we will have to watch his movies..and eat chocolate..and stuff like that..and then look at him some more..

TLK said...

Girl, I am so there with you!! 4 members! 4 members!

And I think it is perfectly O.K. to crush on Ben Affleck, as long as it's Ben from Armageddeon. Mmm-mmm.

CHUNTZ said...

Im in...yum! PS watched Empire records the other day and thought or you!

Ashley and Mikkel said...

kira does stick out her bottom teeth when she talks!! i knew there was always something that bugged me about her! now i know what it is! thanks for having a good eye!

Shannon C. said...

I want to start a fan club; I totally agree!!! He's so hot in a weird way. I'm secretly obsessed too... I keep telling Mitch I want to see Atonement. Let's start the club! How about jamesfans.blogspot.com??/ hahah

Reddeye said...

Subtract one fan from the fan club. All the gasping and sighing you did while we were watching Penelope pushed me over the edge.