James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Union...

Thursday morning we headed to Lake Union with the Peterson girls for story time on an historic tugboat.
We never actually made it onto that tugboat (the construction/traffic/one-way streets here are killing me), but we had a great time exploring the area anyway.

Lola, of course, brought her theebra along for the ride.

 Lake Union is incredibly beautiful and bustling with activity.
We watched a fleet of tiny sailboats navigated by kids who looked  no more than a few years older than Lola.

My girl was devastated when I told her she was still a bit too little to ride on one of the boats by herself (or "on my very own" as she says).
It was so sweet.

 Not only does the lake serve as a docking point for dozens of sailboats, kayaks and protective mama geese (poop everywhere, by the way), it also happens to be an airport.
We were treated to quite the show when a sea plane took off right in front of us.

We kind of stumbled across an awesome market, set up on one of the big boats in the harbor.
It's like a tiny, floating version of Pike Place.
Very, very cool.

 My kids are quickly becoming water babies.
They sat on the dock, happy and entranced, for a very long time (by little people standards).
I can't say I blame them.

All this, just a mile from our apartment.
This city is so awesome.

Though I got us completely lost (please read construction/traffic/one-way streets comment) for a significant amount of time, Bekah and I finally made it back to my apartment and let the kids play while we ate and chatted and generally enjoyed the benefits of quality adult conversation.

It's so nice to have good friends out here.


Jordan, Tabby, Lily and Baby Lucy said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast up there! We all miss you!