James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Farm life...

On Friday, back when the world was sunny, warm and joyful, the kids and I spent the afternoon at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country with Jaclyn and Sawyer.

 I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge three very important points:

01. Lola is happily chatting it up with the chicks instead of hiding behind the stroller in terror.
02. There are no ropes, hands or globs of super glue holding my child to the cow bench.
03. She's patting the donkey's nose with a legit smile on her face.

That's right, people.
Lola is (seemingly) genuine in her excitement over an outing I planned, meaning my days of overbearing, WE WILL HAVE FUN IF IT KILLS US BOTH parenting may be coming to an end.

I pray I haven't caused any permanent damage to my sweet girl's psyche.

But just as I was about to celebrate with real umph, the donkey let out a screech/yell/honk that scared my kid out of her wits.
Here's proof...

Damn donkey almost ruined everything, as donkeys always do.
During the donkey debacle of 2012, the men were busy sizing each other up.

I'm pretty sure Sawyer was like, "Why does the kid with the big head get to ride in the stroller? Rip."
And James was like, "Animal poop smells worse than mine."

One of my favorite things about Farm Country is the horse-drawn carriage ride included in the price of admission.
The danger.
The intrigue.
The raw (2 mph) speed.

You can see it in our faces.

The bunnies and cows were a hit, until Lola asked if we could bring one home to live with her kitties.

 And then there was the pony ride.
Little did I know that my daughter is a bona fide pony whisperer.

Come on honey, keep going and I'll give you a fruit snack!
Want some bacon?
Don't hurt me or you'll go to time out.
A little faster little sweetie pie!

We've got a little cowgirl on our hands.
She's got the boots (and the grit) to prove it.

My happy girl requested chicken nuggets on the way home.
As she munched on her Chik Fil A, she looked up and proclaimed, "Just like my chicken friends!"

Maybe the farm is not the best place to take my kid...


Jordan, Tabby, Lily and Baby Lucy said...

Lola's sayings kill me! I'm so glad you write them down and share them- they never fail to make me laugh!