James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, February 10, 2012

The high line...

We headed north from the financial district to the meatpacking district, which is one of my favorite areas of the city.
If only I had the money to shop there.

After a bit of browsing, we headed up to the High Line, which has officially become one of my new favorite NYC gems.
It's basically a public park/walking path that has been built over an historic railway line overlooking the West Side.

Amazing views of the city, great architecture and the coolest benches you ever did see.
If I had the option to do my morning run there every day, I would never hit the snooze button.

As evidenced by the above images, the High Line also serves as the perfect setting in which to subject your child to endless posing.
And apparently being a baby in NYC elevates you to celebrity ranks, because James got a little drunk on all the attention he received from dozens of spectators during his photo shoot.

Mama may have gotten a bit tipsy as well -- after all, he IS the cutest.

 The highlight of our walk on the High Line was the presence of some of our most beloved New Yorkers -- Mark and Liz Weinberg.
James was quite taken with Liz and shrieked in protest when it was finally time to say goodbye.

 If you're not yet convinced that the High Line is one of the most fabulous places in the city, I'll leave you with a photo of a birdfeeder, found along the trail.

 I know, right?

Now if I could only convince Reece to buy one of the apartments overlooking the park.
Someday, perhaps.

We just have to come up with an idea as brilliant as the Snuggie to make our millions...


Alysha and Jason said...

How fun that you saw Mark and Liz! That looks like so much fun! James is so cute!

AJ and Cindy said...

I love James' little teeth in front!