James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why, thanks: twelve...

(From Saturday)
Today I'm thankful for an unexpected and absolutely lovely visit from some of our closest SLC friends.
I'm grateful for the many travels, adventures and experiences we've had together, and that we still manage to see each other every once in awhile -- even though it's not nearly enough.

Today I'm grateful for my husband and his two buddies who kept (5!) babies fed, diapered and entertained for a few hours so that the mamas could enjoy a night off together.

I'm grateful for Erica and Tabby, who've made this grad school experience infinitely more bearable.
I'm grateful for the little booth at the back of Paradise Bakery where we chatted and laughed until we could no longer ignore the desperate texts from the frazzled daddies.
I'm grateful for McDonalds for providing us with our shakes and sundaes -- the perfect (and cheap) end to a fantastic night.

Today I'm grateful that my children have such an involved father who loves them (and me) in a way no one else in the world could.


Jodi Escalante said...

Jessica-It's good to hear from you! Your kiddos are adorable! That's great that Reece is also just starting business school. Is he enjoying it so far? Michael is enjoying it, but is CRAZY busy.

I didn't realize that you lived in CT when you were younger...what part? We are in New Haven, so it has it's sketchy times, but overall we like it...and I love exploring the East Coast.

Parenthood will bring a whole new dynamic to our family, and I'm hoping it will be a good dynamic! We'll see what the unknown brings.

I saw an article you wrote for KSL (via FB) and was so proud of you! I seems like life is treating you well--I hope it continues to do so!

Keep in touch!