James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, June 3, 2011

Party of three...

Today I made my triumphant return to the newsroom after a few weeks away.
Apparently I can't rip myself away from the Triad Center, try as I might.

I was just helping out while a co-worker is on vacation, but it certainly felt good to be back in the heart of the monster.  Though I am loving the extra time with my girl (and the non-commute), working from home just isn't the same and I miss the people I came to love and respect tremendously over the past three and a half years.

Plus I got to put together a story about a house infested with thousands of snakes, which made my skin crawl but was pretty freakin' cool at the same time.

I love my job.

Reece and Lola picked me up around lunchtime and whisked me off to Squatters for a quick date on the patio.

I couldn't help but reminisce about another Squatters date nearly two years ago -- our last restaurant outing as a party of two.  Lola was born about 15 hours later.  My contractions were so intense I couldn't even enjoy my veggie burger, but it's a sweet memory nonetheless.

And there's nothing like reminiscing over water in a coffee cup.

After work we picked up some chicken nuggets for our picky little eater (thank you Wendys) and headed to Liberty Park, one of our favorite Salt Lake City haunts.

As luck would have it, the ice cream truck happened to pull up just as we were about to leave.

  First, I would like to publicly note how obsessed I was with the ice cream truck as a child, and how much I adored those weird Pink Panther popcicles with bubblegum eyes.  Secondly, I distinctly remember paying like 75 cents for said popcicles and could not bring myself to fork over the current $2 asking price.

Times they are a changing.

I love our little party of three.
I have loved learning how to be a parent with Reece, and refuse to acknowledge the idea that there could possibly be a better teacher than Lola.

I'm so grateful we've had these last few weeks to spend together.
To prepare for the time when we will welcome a fourth member to our little crew.
I'm sure he will change Reece, Lola and I in ways I can only wonder about.
But something tells me that change will be beautiful.  Difficult at times, but beautiful all the same.

Tonight I just feel blessed.

Blessed to have a job I love.
Blessed to have a husband who is truly my favorite person in the universe.
Blessed to have a healthy little girl who amazes me on a daily basis.
Blessed to be so close to meeting my son, whom I literally ache to hold in my arms.
Blessed to have spent the day in the city where my family began and where a part of my heart will always reside.

Yes, tonight I feel very blessed indeed.


Russ and Emily Jones said...

If you are wearing a light blue dress from Nordstrom, I happen to have the very same one. What's with us buying the same clothes lately??? I think I like your whole ensemble and will probably copy it. xoxo love you lots!