James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, June 11, 2011

An affair to remember...

In my book, one of Salt Lake City's most dashing charms is the Downtown Farmers Market.

The summer I was pregnant with Lola, we headed (waddled) to Pioneer Park every Saturday to get lost in the array of crafts, goodies, art, produce and people watching that make this event so dear to my little heart.

So in keeping with that tradition, we had to be present for this year's kickoff.
I was also (not so) secretly hoping that I could walk enough to convince this kid to be done baking, considering the park's proximity to LDS Hospital (where I'll once again be delivering).
And walk, we did.

Lola insisted we bring along her new "beebee seat" -- an adventure that lasted all of 15 minutes and ended with me distracting her with hummus while Reece ran that blasted thing back to the car.

To me, the farmers market is like an old college roommate.
The kind you can go months, even years without seeing, but when you reunite, it's like no time has passed.

We payed homage to our favorite booths and got acquainted with the newbies.

Lola was perfectly content to lose herself in the sea of puppies and samples and pretties and babies.
I loved watching her fall in love with one of her birth city's greatest treasures.

 It was strange to visit the market without stopping by Justin's art booth.
He decided that after two years, this past summer would be his last.
But we quickly determined that actually walking around the market with the Wheatleys was a very satisfying alternative.

Uncle Adam joined us as well.
It was his first market experience and we plan to make sure it's not his last.

We ended our first farmers market excursion of the 2011 season with a mandatory trip to Caputos (accompanied by our beloved former neighbors, the Lundys), followed by waffles at Bruges.

Since the walking didn't appear to do much to encourage contractions, I desperately downed a chili chocolate gifted to me by a kind Caputos employee.
Though tasty, it was worthless in terms of labor induction.

For a few hours, I tricked myself into thinking my water had broken.
Turns out I just have zero bladder control.

And yes, that was too much information.

Also, do you see how huge I am?
Shouldn't that be physically impossible?


siovhan said...

that lola girl is the most stylish little kid i've ever seen! she's more and more gorgeous each and every day. i love her.

also, you have the freaking best legs ever! they're so shapely and gorgeous! hott. mama.

Amy said...

1. You are beautifully huge.
2. I can't believe the chili chocolate and walking around in the heat all day didn't do you in. Or your baby either.
3. Lola is freakin' adorable. Shoppin' the racks like a pro.....

AJ and Cindy said...

I love Lola's headband, she looks so pretty {as always of course, as do you!} I wish we could have made it down :( I will definitely make it when you guys go next {with baby James in toe} even if I have to wake Lyla up from her nap prematurely and brave the parking all by myself :) Although Sassy Baby and Target were a nice alternative!

Megan & Matt said...

I love Lola's bow! You're such a cute pregnant lady, but could you please get him here? :) I can't wait to see that cute baby!