James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Day in the morning...

Lola decided she was much too excited for Santa to come this year,
which meant waking up every hour or so and screaming at the top of her lungs until we held her.
Reece and I were sharing a full bed (we are used to a queen), so when Lola decided the only way she would sleep was to sleep with us, things got a bit crowded.
Poor Reece was essentially displaced, which ultimately resulted in about two hours of sleep total.

But Santa did find us, much to Lola's delight.

She definitely knew what to do with those wrapped presents this year, and was so enthusiastic about the ritual she decided it was her responsibility to help everyone else unwrap their gifts as well.

Unfortunately Santa didn't get the memo about Lola's affinity for Coach bags.
The toys, books and clothes were abandoned the second she laid eyes on Nana's new beauty.

Good thing Nana and Papa had the Teva sandals, cat sweatshirt and ducky backpack ready.

Reece and I had agreed that our upcoming Mexican cruise would be Christmas.
Then, our cruise got canceled.
Thus, I scrambled to find some suitable gifts to present to my husband, who happens to be the world's best gift-giver (aside from maybe my dad).
Unfortunately, his big gift was written on a post-it note and wrapped in a Styrofoam bowl.
Because I'm just that classy.

My pathetic attempt was made even more pathetic when I unwrapped my gifts, which included a Fitbit, which is the coolest pedometer/calorie tracker in the world.
It's a good thing I adore this kind of thing, because it could have been taken as an unflattering hint.

Wow I look scary.
My honey also surprised me with the vintage-cover classics box set I'd been drooling over for months.
And mommy and daddy gave us a Kindle, which is now my favorite thing in the entire world aside from my daughter.  And maybe Reece.  Maybe.

We ended the morning with our traditional homemade egg mcmuffins.
My siblings may kill me for posting these pictures.

And then we all crashed for a few hours.
Zero sleep will do that to you.

And as a bonus Christmas gift, I give you the most unflattering family photo ever taken of us.
Well, of me at least.
The duck looks pretty awesome.

Next up... Christmas feasting


Alysha said...

I would like a copy of that photo of Kelly... like a dream...

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

Thank you for all of the Christmas highlights posts. Though we live hundreds of miles apart, I feel like I'm always caught up with your adventures and I haven't missed a minute of Lola's life. Sounds uber-cheesy, I know, but I mean it sincerely. I'm kicking myself for not hanging out with you more when I had the chance (since like, junior high?) Your family pic at the bottom is really sweet, especially cuz it's full of reality -- not posed or in some random location. Just your family, snuggled together on the floor. Love it.