James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pants on fire...

I am currently engaged in an epic battle with blogger.
If I choose to go private, I can only invite a limited number of people to view the blog.

Lame to the lamest extent.

Any ideas on how to get around this dumb rule?
Or could it be time to switch to another domain, like Wordpress?

I apologize a million times over for bugging everyone about e-mail addresses twice and then chickening out at the last second.

I need some ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I think you can set it up with a password and username. Then just give that same username to everyone you want reading your blog. Blogger thinks it's one person, but you can still have all your faithfuls

Madelyn said...

I created an update blog that people can have on their blogger list if they want. I write a quick thing saying I updated my blog on it. Then they have to go to my private blog to read it. Kinda weird, I know, but it's an idea.

Madelyn said...

I guess my idea doesn't really help with the limited number of invites though....just in letting people know you updated your blog. Sorry haha.

Shannon said...

You can actually have more that blogger says... I have over 100 and it still works for everyone. Cool huh!?

Emily said...

I'm liking what Shannon said. Here's to hoping that works for me too when i do go private.

I had the same problem you had! and what are you to do? Tell a bunch of people they didn't make the cut? That they just can't read your blog anymore? Blogger is such a jerk!

My cousin made another blog and just added the number 2 to the end of it- then she just copies and pastes every entry into each blog so she can have up to 200 readers... I dont know, for now I'm too lazy to figure it out and I just keep hoping that blogger will change soon- and ALSO that they'll allow google reader to access private blogs that you're subscribed to (if you're logged into google then don't they know what you're allowed to see anyway!?) All very annoying.

Rant over.
How's the pregnancy??