James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A MoTab/Archuleta/Professor Asher Flemming Christmas...

Not two minutes after whining to Reece about not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year, I received a call from my good friend and co-worker, who also happens to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, asking if we would be interested in prime seats to the Sunday morning "Music and the Spoken Word"/MoTab Christmas Concert featuring the Murray teenager who almost won American Idol and the guy who plays Professor Asher Flemming on Gilmore Girls.

How could a sane person turn down such a tempting offer?
Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed earlier than most sane people would on a Sunday morning (because it takes a little insanity to be sane, right?  Right?), dropped off our girl at her best buddy's place and headed to the Conference Center to wait in the pouring rain.

Apparently a bunch of people dug the idea too, because holy guacamole those lines were long.
Especially when lacking an umbrella.

Serves me right for actually straightening my hair for the first time in weeks.

Anyway, we made it inside and managed to say somewhat dry thanks to some kind girls with large umbrellas.
Our seats were nothing short of spectacular.

Also, the Conference Center?
It doesn't matter how many times I visit, I always leave thoroughly astounded by its grandeur.

Why Reece insists on making creepy faces, I'll never understand.
I will just continue to post those creepy faces on the blog until he realizes the error of his ways.

So David Archuleta.  I won't lie, I was extremely skeptical.  Cute kid and all, but I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't turned off by all the teeny-bopper, American Idol hype.

But about three seconds after he began to sing, I was a convert.
It's an understatement to say the boy's got pipes.
Seriously, we're talking Josh Groban-level talent here.

Being the Gilmore Girls fanatic I happen to be, I was thrilled to listen to Paris' creepy old-man lover tell Christmas stories as the choir provided the background music.  Michael York is a lovely storyteller.

The MoTab, as always, left me in tears on multiple occasions.
It's amazing what truly good music can do for your soul.
And yes, I know I'm cheesy.
But it's true.

All the while, baby sat quietly and reverently. 
Such a good baby.

President Monson was there, sitting about nine rows in front of us.
More tears from the pregnant lady.

The two and a half hours we spent in the Conference Center this morning were exactly what I needed.
I'm grateful I got to experience such a moving and beautiful performance with my husband.
I felt closer to my Savior than I've allowed myself to feel in a long time.
I wish Lola could have been there too.

OK Christmas, you can come now.
I'm ready to welcome you with very open arms.


Cheryl said...

Loved the review. I think a lot of people have the same impression of David - a"teeny bopper" product of American Idol, so they don't even bother to listen to his music.
Although I enjoy his Pop music, I always wanted David to go the Josh Groban route after Idol ended and think he'd have a lot more credibility now if he had.
Hopefully this amazing performance gets a lot of people to open their ears and minds to his amazing talent. Unfortunatley, we will have to wait until next year when it's televised, to find out.

crmoriarty said...

I only saw the concert simulcast at the Tabernacle on Friday night. David Archuleta was amazing!!! He is only 19 years old (will be 20 at the end of December) and boy can he sing!!! Can't wait until the dvd comes out next year so I can see it again!

Candace said...

Rain in December is just bizarre! I'm so glad you scored tix to the hottest show in town. I hear it was amazing! Merry Christmas.

AJ and Cindy said...

what a cool experience that must have been! So glad you got to go and spend some nice time with Reece!

De Rosa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast, what a great time with your hubby and a time to just enjoy being closer with the spirit. I am so glad you guys had a great time!