James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why I love photos...

I make it a point not to leave my house without a camera.
I have always been that obnoxious girl who forces people to pose and smile in the most embarrassing places and situations.
But I have no qualms about my quirk.
Because when I'm feeling blue, bored or nostalgic, a quick look through my photo library is the best fix a girl could ask for.

I've spent the better part of the evening browsing pictures from the past five years or so.
I'm thinking of opening a gallery in an abandoned alleyway in Salt Lake City.
You would come see it, right?

Cat Scratch Fever
Circa 2008, Salt Lake City
(My kitten attacked me through the sheets while I was sleeping.  I still have the scar to prove it)

Circa 2005, Bardonecchia, Italy
(I waited in a 25-minute line at the only open grocery store for a bottle of Coke Light.  Addiction is a powerful thing)

Taking Back the South
Circa 2004, Glenwood Apartments, Provo
(Stealing a Texan's flag from her room and hanging it in your apartment is a bold move.  The best part?  Rachelle didn't realize it was missing until a week later.  I guess you can mess with Texas)

Sweet Life
Circa 2006, Dylan's Candy Bar, New York City
(Try as I might, I couldn't figure out how to break that tile open to get to the candy inside)

Til Death Do Them Part
Circa 2007, Memory Grove, Salt Lake City
(Proof that Reece tried to kill me while we were getting our engagement photos taken)

The Dwight
Circa 2006, Envision Consulting Group, New Jersey
(I was the intern who came to work with the blanket wrapped around her body like a towel.  I was also known for my aversion to sitting, so they hooked me up with a stand for my laptop)

Circa 2009, LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City
(One of the last photos without Lola Maria as the main subject)

Dorms Done Right
Circa 2006, Princeton University, New Jersey
(A step up from the cinder-block walls at Helaman Halls, I must say)

Circa 2007, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
(The best way to avoid a honeymoon baby is for both husband and wife to get third-degree sunburns on the first day)

Humor Her
Circa 2010, Bountiful
(Lola adores her cousin Easton, and personally, I think it's adorable)

I love taking photos because photos take me back.
And I really love going back every once in awhile.


Amy said...

Mmmm I love pictures for all of these reasons. What a beautiful thing!

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

Cute, cute...but arent those engagements/honeymoon pics circa 2007??? 'cause I'm pretty sure we both got married in 2007... ? I'm just sayin'