James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The weather gods smiled upon Salt Lake City this evening.  

Our friends had free passes to Red Butte Gardens and kindly invited us to mooch off their good fortune.
That's what I call friends with benefits.

So naturally, I forced Reece to brave the chaos that is my closet in order to procure our picnic basket.

For the record, my closet is the one located in our room.
Reece has to share with Lola.

Moving on...

We dined on caprese sandwiches on bacci rolls from Caputo's Market.
Because where else can you find rolls that taste a little like heaven?

 Well, possibly heaven, but I don't think I'll be going there anytime soon.
What with the stealing muffins from Sweet Tomatoes and all.
Moving on...

Camille whipped up her famous raspberry frozen yogurt, the very delicacy she brought over right after Lola's birth.  I swear the stuff helped me forget about the searing pain.

I tainted mine with a bit of Oreo.
Lola, being the purist she is, downed about four cups in five minutes.
The kid has experienced some intense brain freezes in her short life.

We spent an hour or so wandering around the beautiful gardens.  
The children's garden was simply delightful, full of charm, hummingbirds and gaint gila monsters.

See if you can spot the creeper.  
Hint: It's not the kissing couple or their baby.

I've informed Reece it's his responsibility to plant me a garden as extravagant and beautiful as this one someday.
I think he's still laughing.
Oh well.

A girl can dream, right?


Caitlin said...

You are so funny!!! I love you...and you're cute little family:) and you look more beautiful than ever jess! love cait

siovhan said...

i want to steal your baby.
the picture of her eating ice cream has made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes.
also creeper reece is HYSTERICAL.

Jessica said...

Ha ha ha, Lola has got to be the most expressive child ever! That brain freeze picture is priceless.

justin + camille said...

Yes, creeper Reece is my favorite picture. We're so glad you guys could picnic that night! We had a blast! We love you guys!