James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh No...

At nearly 8 months, Lola has already reached many important milestones.

First smile? Check.
First words? Check.
First roll? Check.
First tooth? Check.
First tumble? Check.
First plane ride? Check.
First road trip? Check.
First solid poop? Check.

Well, I'm less than thrilled to announce she can check another milestone off her list.

It all started with an impromptu photo shoot (you know how much I love impromptu photo shoots) the day after we returned from our trip.  She knows the drill -- bath, cute outfit, green couch, no binky, smile for a few minutes until something else catches her eye, in this case, her shoes.

We both grew tired of the "Look over here!" "Gootchy Goo" "Lola! Lola! Lola!" battle and the girl launched into her naptime grump.  I scooped her up off the couch, grabbed her bottle and headed for her room.

That's when it happened.

A slap to the cheek.  A scratch to the nose.  And, the clincher:

"NO, NO, NO!"

Just to clarify, the aforementioned actions were all Lola's, not mine.  You can stop dialing 911 now.

That's right people, my kid told me no.


When I told Reece about it that night, he laughed so hard I thought he would cry.  The funny thing is, he didn't seem surprised one bit.  After a bit of pressing, I got him to admit he had been fine-tuning the "no, no, no" with Lola while I've been slaving away in the newsroom.

I have a feeling he is going to regret his self-proclaimed cleverness once Lola reaches junior high.

And so begins life with a little girl...


Fae said...

Good luck! 8 months old and already rebellion is seeping through the cracks. Fin only knows "Mom!"

The De Rosa's +1 said...

Comment number 6- I am going to keep keeping track of my comments so you won't complain anymore. Anyway I am totally thinking that this child take after you more and more. It reminds me when you play catch phrase and you start slapping, yelling, and saying NO. Bad Jessica no more playing catch phrase in front of Lola.

And sorry Fae your child doesn't know any cool words as out smart kids bwhaha I am such a brat.

AJ and Cindy said...

love the pics of Lola on here, and I bust up laughing when you described her saying no to you! (sorry!) we sure love your lola, she is great!

Madelyn said...

Those pictures are soooo adorable! I'm sorry that the rebelling is starting, at least it made for a good story :)

Kimba said...

...but she's so adorable...

Wyatt hasn't started telling me no, although he'll say it as he's doing something he knows he shouldn't. and he thinks slapping faces is hilarious. and when i tell him no, that's even funnier. kids these days! :)

Jason and Kristin said...

Your daughter does the CUTEST poses with the camera! She just seems to know what to do when the camera comes out :)

The first "No!". That is an awesome story!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no...I so love it...the cuteness of her use...and Reece's conniving scheme...love it all :-)

Lindsay Marie said...

Jessica, how have you been? Just had to stop by and tell you that Lola has to be THE cutest baby ever. I know you already know this... but I thought I would reiterate.