James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Before I went to the hospital to have Lola, all the experienced moms around me raved about one thing:

It wasn't the epidural.
It wasn't the nurses.
It wasn't even *the joy of holding the baby for the first time.

No, my friends.

The most raved about memento from the birth experience at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City was the giant Intermountain Healthcare mug every new mother gets before she leaves.

I was lucky enough to come home with two of these prized mugs, since I made Reece beg for one before I got my epidural. Our labor nurse took pity on the poor, giant, non-dilating balloon girl and snuck one to me, under the table style.

She probably would have lost her job if anyone found out. Wonderful woman.

Anyway, I love these mugs so much I'm considering getting pregnant again just to get another one for my collection.

Okay, that's a major exaggeration, but really, I love these mugs.

And apparently so does Lola.

She steals the straw every time I look away, and fills the cup to the brim with her lovable baby slobber.

Good thing I have two of them. Looks like we might be able to skip the sippy cups.

*Okay, so no one actually said the mug was better than the experience of holding their baby for the first time. I was just being (shocker) dramatic.


Kimba said...

i will one day get one of these mugs. honestly, why has it been such a prize?!? let me tell you, i was SORELY DISAPPOINTED when they gave me a freakin' pitcher and tiny plastic cup.

a CUP!!! do you know how many times i had to beg the nurses to refill my stupid tiny pitcher!? about a million. i kept asking caleb, "aren't i supposed to get a huge mug?" and then i cried.

i'm like, should i time my next child for when we move back? or will i have to wait for the third?

Amber said...

Absolutely Hilarious. And such good timing for this post! Let me explain...I sit on a committee at the hospital that discusses supplies and equipment. Today I sat through a meeting where we resumed a debate that has been going on for over a month. The topic...the fact that Intermountain has decided to stop supplying these highly coveted, life-changing mugs. They are completely switching to the crappy plastic pitchers and cups!!! Seriously!!! And let me tell you - people are not happy about this. There are some amazingly strong opinions about the mugs. So I'm sorry to say ladies, you better get those buns in the ovens quick because the mugs just might not be around for long! Good thing you got two... :)

Amy said...

We got 2 too! They gave Josh one AND me one. You know, cuz they love us. :)

I life without these mugs kinda makes me sad....I hope Amber is joking about the cups...

Jessica said...

I LOVE my mug! And Ellie also loves the straw. I have a friend whose husband jokes that it's the best thing they've ever brought home from the hospital...children included. LOL.

AJ and Cindy said...

You already know that I love my mug, too! I have to fill it up with ice and water every morning before I do anything else. What is it about them that make you want to drink water all day long? I love them!

Sarah said...

I only got one when my first baby was born, but fortunately, I had my gallbladder out 3 weeks later. Okay it wasn't really fortunate, but at least it kept my husband and me from fighting over the mug until our second was born!!