James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, September 21, 2009


Last week Lola got to meet her great-grandparents. My grandpa Ace and grandma Maria (who happens to be my namesake, as well as Lola's) made the trek all the way from Oregon to meet our little girl.

I adore my grandparents. They've taught me so much. I spent many childhood summers in Roseburg, mowing the lawn on grandpa's tractor, picking blackberries with grandma, "working" at grandpa's car wash for quarters, eating Umpqua ice cream on the porch swing, playing cards and munching on Cookie Crisp in the motor home... I could go on, but I would just make everyone jealous.

Acel and Maria Lowe are two of the most generous, kind, supportive, loving and kooky people I know. Much of who I am is a direct result of my relationship with my grandparents.

I've never been good at sharing their attention, and it took great effort on my part to step aside and let them love on Lola (instead of me, their FIRST grandchild).

It was love at first sight for my daughter. From the moment they walked through the door, she started throwing out face-splitting smiles, the likes of which her parents had never seen before. These two strangers quickly became "her people," and she couldn't get enough of them.

Watching Lola with my grandma and grandpa, I couldn't help but think of how lucky she is to have so many amazing people in her life.

Which brings me to Lola's grandma and grandpa.

One of the best parts of becoming a mother has been watching my own mother with my girl. My mom has been a lifesaver. I don't think I could have survived the first few weeks without her. Even now, I eagerly anticipate her daily phone call. I love telling her about Lola's latest antics. I love watching her jump at the chance to change Lola's diaper. I love watching her nap with Lola in her arms. I love listening to her talk, sing and laugh with Lola. I love that she got to experience Lola's first breath alongside Reece and I. Most of all, I love that my love for her has grown exponentially as I watch her love my Lola.

And then there's my dad. I love that he will literally LIFT the stroller off the ground when we approach a rough patch in the road, to make sure Lola's beauty sleep remains uninterrupted. I love that he can bounce her in his arms and put her to sleep within a matter of minutes. I love that when she naps, he runs to check on her every two minutes. I love that he tells her she's perfect over and over and over again. I love that when he talks to her, his voice reaches a pitch I've never heard it reach. I love that he would do anything for my little girl, and that he melts whenever she's within a mile radius of him.

Little Lola is a very lucky girl.


Brianne said...

That is so neat Jess. I love the pics that you guys took with your grandparents in them. That would make such a cute scrapbook page. :)

AJ and Cindy said...

what a sweet post with such great pictures and memories, of course I am totally tearing up reading it all! lol

Sarah said...

That was so sweet! It seems like you have a neat family.

Abby said...

best post ever.