James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, November 7, 2008


As I lounged in bed today... I got a certain hankering to browse through pictures from my wedding.

I like this one:

Though revisiting the captured moments from the fabulous union was certainly satisfying... it was photos from the day AFTER the big day... that caught my eye.

Here's why.

The day after the wedding, I dragged my new husband (kicking and screaming, let me assure you) to my parents' house to open gifts with my extended family. We have very generous family and friends, so it was taking a while to sort through all the loot. Kids were starting to get bored, as were my aunts, and my impatient (I can't imagine why) Reece. But everyone snapped to attention as we unwrapped a seemingly innocent square parcel.

Forgive the double chin. It may be difficult to tell, but under the beautiful wrapping paper, we discovered a box, containing a "Christmas Platter." The box looked a bit battered and worn, and had a 1981 date on it. "They just used this box to package the real present," muttered a disbelieving Reece. And you were right, my dear. The treasure awaiting us inside, became a legend that will live on forever.

"Is that.... food???!!!" Yes my friends, it WAS food. Crunchy, dried up, discolored, unidentifiable food. A treat for later, I'd like to think. The reactions of my family, were priceless.

You can bet, the infamous "food" plate will appear among the mounds of gifts at each of my siblings' weddings. Because this is a gift... that MUST keep on giving.


Kimba said...

Wait, what the heck?!?! Oh, that is so classic!!! I totally smell a pass-around gift.